Deadly Symptoms Of Coronavirus Named

Deadly Symptoms Of Coronavirus Named
Deadly Symptoms Of Coronavirus Named

Video: Deadly Symptoms Of Coronavirus Named

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MOSCOW, November 24 - RIA Novosti. Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok listed the deadly symptoms of coronavirus on the NSN air.

The specialist noted that the blueness of the edges of the lips, the blue of the nasolabial triangle, an increase in the breathing rate at rest indicate a lack of oxygen in the human blood.

The doctor clarified that these symptoms may be signs of the development of respiratory failure. However, he added that shortness of breath cannot be considered a specific symptom of COVID-19. Bolibok called the loss of smell the most characteristic sign of infection.

The doctor stressed that it is impossible to treat COVID-19 on your own, you must definitely consult a doctor. He noted that this infection is very dangerous and takes different forms, proceeds in different ways in the same family.

"There is no need to hesitate, bad symptoms develop quite quickly. Today, the person was doing fine, and tomorrow he is already in intensive care" on the tube ", - concluded the immunologist.

According to the WHO, there are 57.9 million people infected with COVID-19 in the world, 1.4 million people have died. Most of the infected were detected in the USA, India, Brazil and France.

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