Yoga In 15 Minutes From Karina Gubanova

Yoga In 15 Minutes From Karina Gubanova
Yoga In 15 Minutes From Karina Gubanova

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The young actress prefers yoga to all sports activities. Especially for, the girl recommended several simple but effective exercises for every day


My dad introduced me to yoga when I was sixteen. Reason: back and leg pain. It's at such and such an age! But it was yoga and a properly selected set of exercises that helped me to reduce stress, strengthen muscles and reduce pain. Yoga helped at the institute when physical and mental stress was exhausting. The body said "thank you". Over the years, having studied the basics of yoga, I realized for myself that it is more comfortable for me to practice at home. Fortunately, there were instructors, and dad (actor Sergei Gubanov - prompted when questions arose.

Start your day with yoga. In the morning, as you get up, you drink a glass of water, and after fifteen minutes you can start the fifteen-minute complex. After training - shower and breakfast. If you are exercising in the afternoon or in the evening, make sure that you eat at least two hours before your workout.

Classroom clothing should not be too tight, so skip T-shirts and pants. It should be comfortable for you to perform various asanas, and clothes should not hinder movement. Materials are natural. Better to choose a top and elastic leggings.

If you have doubts about your state of health, then before starting to practice, go to the therapist. Read descriptions and contraindications for exercise. If it is written somewhere that it is not recommended for you to do a certain asana, it is better not to experiment. At least at home, alone. It is also better to tell the trainer in the gym about your peculiarities, so that he watches you if you try to do an exercise that is not recommended for you.

Exercises for beginners

Cat and dog poses

For the cat pose, get on all fours, arms and legs should be strictly perpendicular to the floor, inhale - arch your back, exhale - arch. The pose is useful for losing weight, strengthening the muscles of the back, as well as the flexibility of the spine. For the Downward Dog Asana, straighten your knees from the cat pose. Press your feet to the floor. Push off with your hands, the body will go back a little, while the knees should be straight. If, when performing these exercises, the stomach seems to fall inward, then you are in great shape.

Camel pose

Allows you to stretch your spine after a long sleep and stretch your abdominal muscles. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, gently kneel down, and lower your arms back. Exhale and bend back with support on one hand, while pulling the other up. The buttocks should be tightened, while making sure that they remain perpendicular to the floor. The exercise lasts 10-15 seconds, then you can change your hand. After that, rest your fists on the lower back and bend back as you exhale. Can be repeated up to ten times.

Tree pose

One of the most popular asanas for training the vestibular apparatus. Stand with a straight back, pick up your stomach, feet should be firmly pressed to the floor, chin - parallel to the floor. Raise your leg and press your foot against the inside of the thigh of the other leg. To maintain balance, look at one point. When the balance is constant, you can close your eyes.

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