5 Russian Stars Who Lost Weight And Turned Into Beauties

5 Russian Stars Who Lost Weight And Turned Into Beauties
5 Russian Stars Who Lost Weight And Turned Into Beauties

Video: 5 Russian Stars Who Lost Weight And Turned Into Beauties

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Rarely, someone can be beautified by excess weight, especially when it comes to women. As a rule, lush volumes are deposited in the most inappropriate places, such as the stomach, sides, arms and cheeks. Therefore, the whole body takes on a slightly puffy shape and it is quite difficult to choose clothes that will fit well.

However, today we will talk about celebrities who, in spite of everything, coped with their excess weight and became real beauties! Look at these transformations with us. Ekaterina Skulkina

One of the most striking transformations of Russian show business is the weight loss of the star of the humorous genre, Ekaterina Skulkina. The woman got rid of more than 30 kg of excess weight and changed beyond recognition! Still, it turns out that she has very thin facial features and a stunningly beautiful figure! Pelageya

The singer has always been a "girl in the body", so it was quite difficult to determine her age. However, before participating in the "Voice" show, she was forced to seriously lose weight, thus getting rid of 25 kilograms. Such weight loss benefited the singer, she literally blossomed before our eyes. Olga Kartunkova

It's hard to imagine that these two pictures are the same person. Olga has changed beyond recognition! She began her weight loss by arguing with a friend, and then decided to continue to lose weight. In addition to her beautiful figure, the girl gained self-confidence and completely changed her image. Polina Gagarina

Few people remember that at the beginning of her career, Polina Gagarina looked somewhat different. The girl had curvaceous forms and dark long hair. I must say that the image of a slender blonde with a short haircut suits her much better. Svetlana Hodchenkova

During the filming of the film "Bless the Woman", Svetlana weighed at least 20 kilograms more than now. Together with a slender figure, new roles came to the girl, including shooting in Hollywood.

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