Weight Loss Marathons: All For Harmony And A Prize To Boot

Weight Loss Marathons: All For Harmony And A Prize To Boot
Weight Loss Marathons: All For Harmony And A Prize To Boot

Video: Weight Loss Marathons: All For Harmony And A Prize To Boot

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As soon as the New Year holidays ended, those wishing to find an ideal figure in social networks and Internet forums began to actively organize weight loss marathons. Groups for the rapid acquisition of harmony are formed right before our eyes, because we urgently need to do something with the extra pounds gained during the holidays.


And lose weight, and get money, and talk with an idol

“Now on Instagram one marathon is replacing another, the choice is huge,” says blogger Angela Vasyuk. She herself participated in weight loss marathons for the sake of understanding this process and interviewed for her blog those who were able to lose 20 or even 100 kg. According to Angela, in addition to marathons that promote proper nutrition, there are vegetarian, raw food marathons, smoothie marathons, and even sugar detox. Often, the choice of a losing weight is based not only on food preferences, but also on who is conducting this marathon. Losing weight under the guidance of your ideal of beauty is great, isn't it? These marathons cost money as they are run by popular bloggers.

There are also marathons where you can make money. The mechanism is very simple: the one who lost the most pounds or showed the best shape in the allotted time receives a prize. Sometimes participation in marathons is free, and the prize fund is formed by sponsors.

“Participation in a marathon, no matter with what remuneration, is very effective in terms of motivation,” says the head of the Wellness Studio, Tatyana Karkhanova. - Physiologically, the structure of our body is programmed for laziness, more precisely, for an economical distribution of energy. And running on a treadmill without changing the picture in front of your eyes, the body seems to be meaningless. The brain is bound to rebel and find a thousand reasons not to, sending signals of fatigue or finding more important or enjoyable things to do during the planned workout time. This is the reason that most of the annual sports subscriptions are not sold by people. The brain needs real interest. Competition with a reward is the best option in this case. This is the secret of the popularity of marathons."

On the other hand, Tatyana Karkhanova continues, motivation in the form of competition provokes the production of adrenaline, which is stress for the body. And after positive emotions, a feeling of energy decline will follow. Especially if you haven't won. And if this happens during a diet, then when the body does not receive an excess of nutrition, stress is exacerbated. A breakdown occurs. This is where most diets end. “You need to lose weight intelligently, without haste, only in a good, calm mood,” the expert says.

Why are marathons so popular? “Most of them are based on human weakness,” fitness coach Andrey Odinets told MIR 24. - Something like this: “I want a result in a short time, plus a chance to win a prize, plus a crowd effect. Well, they are mainly made by fitness sellers, which means marketing, advertising, beautiful pictures, customer reviews, discounts, and so on - a full set of tricks and tricks from marketers. Indeed, in reality, a whole team of specialists is involved in mass marathons”.

What do we have at the exit

Do these marathons have an effect, and is it persistent? “The answer lies in the question of why marathons are short-term,” says Wolf Odina. Is, rather, a weight-loss sprint with monetary incentives and rivals, most of whom will limit themselves in everything and sometimes do really crazy things. So the results are a real shock and awe for the body.As for the endurance of the result, tell me, if you ran a hundred meters and gave your best for the sake of victory, can you continue the same way?"

According to the expert, you can write endlessly about the dangers of marathons. There are two categories: light bodily - that which will recover in a month or two. And heavy, which will take not only time, but also money to fix. Here is just one, the most obvious "ambush". Many have heard about it, but they try not to think about it. “With a rapid weight loss, the body goes into energy-saving mode,” says Nadezhda Panova, a psychotherapist and head of the Empathy medical center. - The body experiences physiological stress, which increases the level of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol works towards breaking down proteins, destroying muscles, and vice versa, storing fat stores. A person cannot live for a long time in a mode of a sharp deficit in food calorie content with high physical exertion. For some time, with an effort of will, one can maintain such a lifestyle, but rather quickly there is a breakdown and return to the old eating habits."

According to the expert, after that, the body, tuned in to the energy-saving mode, begins to actively store fat. After such extremely fast attempts to reduce weight, the lost pounds quickly return, and in larger quantities than before.

What to do? How to lose weight for sure?

"With healthy weight loss, weight loss occurs only due to fat mass," says doctor Roman Malkov, author of nutritional and training systems for weight loss and for the treatment of the spine and joints. - To achieve such weight loss, the first month you need to do only strength training and not limit yourself in nutrition. After the first month, when muscle mass has increased, you can move on to calorie restriction and aerobic exercise. In the future, it is necessary to alternate the days of free food with days of calorie restriction. This tactic will ensure that muscle loss is delayed and a healthy weight loss process. Very often, participants in weight loss marathons make the mistake of doing a lot of aerobic exercise while restricting their diet. It accelerates muscle loss.”

Many people are dominated by the idea that if you want to lose weight, then do aerobics, or, for example, run. According to Roman Malkov, this is not the best way to lose weight also because with excess weight, the shock load on the joints is high. Running with excess weight, you can earn osteoarthritis and harm your health. In addition, being overweight is a big burden for the heart muscle. You need to start with strength exercises and take long periods of rest between sets. Healthy weight loss is weight loss with an increase in muscle mass, the expert is sure.

“For some, marathons are really an incentive to change their lives,” says fitness coach Andrey Odinets. - And if a trainer or a team of specialists is strong in the field of fitness, which is rare, then a person will acquire some skills and knowledge, which may allow him to continue training and follow a diet. But it is better to find a trainer who will make the program just for you, your terms, contraindications, and so on. If he is really good, then not a single marathon was even close in efficiency”! Correct weight loss is a relatively lengthy process. “We didn’t accumulate our“reserves”for a couple of weeks, months or even years. Most often, this process took a longer period of time, - says wellness coach Andrey Semeshov. - The set of kilograms was unhurried and inexorable. The correct way back should be about the same. Of course, not years, but six months or more. Depending on the severity of the problem."

“Group weight loss is effective, but it should last not 2 months, but 4-6 and be accompanied by explanatory work and mandatory intake of food supplements,” says Olga Rusishvili, nutritionist of the “Body Cult - 3” project. - With a typical diet of a modern person and modern quality of food, to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, you need to eat about 3000-3500 calories. And a diet with a reduced calorie content always provokes a deficiency of certain substances necessary in biochemical processes. This leads to repeated obesity and cellulite (not to mention more serious health problems). Metabolic processes are disrupted, they lack enzymes and coenzymes. " Therefore, according to the expert, it is imperative to take a complex of natural substances that help to avoid the side effects of the diet: decreased thyroid function, micronutrient deficiencies, sleep disorders.

The author of the methodology for correcting eating behavior and weight loss, psychotherapist Mikhail Gavrilov believes that group weight loss programs organized by professionals - psychotherapists, nutritionists, doctors of functional medicine - can be a good alternative to marathons. Within the framework of such programs, all participants undergo diagnostics, which means that the individual principle in weight loss in this case is fully observed. Everyone receives individual recommendations, menus, and treatment if necessary. In parallel, the participants attend trainings in psychotherapy, dietetics, functional medicine. They learn the basics of healthy eating, emotional control and body control. At the same time, such group work has many additional bonuses: mutual support, exchange of experience, a competitive element, sports excitement and much more.

So is there no benefit to marathons?

According to wellness coach Andrei Semeshov, if marathons give someone that very important last kick in the direction of a healthy lifestyle, then there is definitely a benefit from them. Seeing results, getting inspired and continuing to tidy up is great. Let it be understood later that the beginning of this new fitness life was somewhat ridiculous and not entirely correct, but the main thing is to start!

In general, the idea of ​​fitness marathons is correct, they very well motivate for the result, says Anton Feoktistov, co-founder of the Pro Trener studio network, a fitness expert with more than 20 years of experience. “Working in a team is always fun,” he says. - The only question is that there should be a correct fitness program. At a minimum, the task should be given in two versions: a light version and for a pro. Better if there are two or more options. Also, the trainer must pay attention to proper nutrition: it must be balanced. The main task of such marathons is to develop a habit of healthy eating and movement, and not get the wow effect from dropping a certain number of pounds. It is desirable that such marathons be long-term. Then the body gets used to the changes, the weight will go away gradually, but the effect will be long lasting. " “I am sure that the number of longer-term weight loss programs will increase,” says Andrey Semeshov. - Real marathons as opposed to current sprints. When the participants have time to accept and become aware of the changes, develop new habits, understand how and why the body stores or burns fats. Yes, this approach is obviously more difficult to sell. But the fitness market, like any other, having gone through the stage of "wild capitalism" will come to a calmer state, when only those projects that provide really high-quality and useful methods will be able to survive. Relatively speaking, "depositors" will understand that "thousand percent per annum" is not a story, and they will choose between more adequate offers.But surely there will be those who will continue to believe in the "field of miracles".


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