We Read For The Body. What Books Will Help You Lose Weight?

We Read For The Body. What Books Will Help You Lose Weight?
We Read For The Body. What Books Will Help You Lose Weight?

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Summer is in full swing, but getting in good shape is never too late. Moreover, there is a lot of useful information around that allows you to do this as efficiently as possible, with health benefits and a positive attitude.


"AiF-NN" has prepared a review of books for those who want to start losing weight on Monday.

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Nina Loza

"We save the figure a month before the summer" and "Me and my kilograms"

Nina Loza is a former editor-in-chief of a popular newspaper and website dedicated to beauty and slimness. Using the accumulated knowledge, the journalist wrote two books at once on these topics that are always topical for women.

“Me and my kilograms” is in many ways a retelling of Nina Loza's personal experience of losing weight, starting from the first gained kilogram. Many readers will recognize themselves in the stories of overweight struggle described on the pages of books. The book gives a positive attitude, as it is written in simple language with great humor. In the readers' reviews, they write that she motivates to play sports, eat right and, in general, do everything that implies a healthy lifestyle.

The book has easy navigation. In fact, it is a dictionary - a dictionary of lifestyle from "A" to "Z". You can read it in its entirety, or you can choose the topics you need and relevant to you in sections. There are also many psychological tests and computational exercises here. The book has already gone through several editions and continues to enjoy popularity among readers.

The book "Saving the figure a month before summer" is good because it contains about 100 of the most effective diets: buckwheat, protein, Hollywood, etc. There are also tips on how to start a diet competently and finish it without harm to health.

I could myself and helped you

Alexey Kovalkov

"Lose weight wisely"

Dr. Alexey Kovalkov also broadcasts to readers his personal experience of fighting overweight. I must say, he is more than successful. For six months, the once obese man managed to get rid of 50 unnecessary kilograms, and then another 20 kilograms. Also, creating a nutritional system, nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov relied on the latest research in the field of dietetics, endocrinology, and pharmacology.

As a result, he came to the conclusion: the human body does not accept a strict restriction on food and a mono-diet. It is they who lead those who are losing weight to psychological breakdowns, turning the fight against excess weight into a lifelong test.

The diet, which changed the life of Dr. Alexei Kovalkov himself, is aimed at comprehensive and gradual getting rid of a person's food addiction, and not at a quick result "for a trip to the sea." You have a long and difficult way to change your own habits and restore the disturbed metabolic systems of your own body.

The advantages of the Kovalkov method include the fact that the diet will be balanced, you will not be haunted by a chronic feeling of hunger, you will not have to fanatically count calories. True, you have to walk a lot, sleep at least 8 hours a day and drink about 8 glasses of clean water a day.

That is the question…

Lyudmila Vasnetsova

"To lose weight or not to lose weight?"

This is a perennial question that most women face. Often, extra pounds appear to us where, according to experts, there is no trace of them. For such cases, the body mass index was invented - a value that allows you to assess the degree of correspondence between a person's weight and his height and thereby indirectly assess whether the weight is underweight, normal or overweight. Are you interested in this? Then the book by Lyudmila Vasnetsova is for you.

The author is also confident that the painful process of counting calories and dietary restrictions can be turned into a fun game. Book "To Lose Weight or Not to Lose Weight?" will acquaint the reader with various types of diets: Kremlin, color, pulse, blood type.You will be able to learn more about these types of food and understand whether they are suitable for you personally and whether you need to lose weight at all.

Do not overdo it

Irina Kupriyanova

“When it is dangerous to lose weight. Anorexia nervosa is a disease of the XXI century”.

The desire to become better, unfortunately, can lead ladies to disastrous consequences. It seems like a little more - and the reflection in the mirror will suit you 100%. And you no longer notice how the arrow on the scales screams that "you can't be beautiful like that."

The worst consequence of this pursuit of excellence is anorexia. This is a pathological mental disorder in which a person has a perverse perception of his body, as well as a pathological aversion to any food. Most often, the diagnosis of "anorexia" is made to girls aged 14-19, so Irina Kupriyanova's book should first of all attract the attention of parents whose adolescent children attach excessive importance to their appearance.

The book will help you learn about the motives of adolescent dissatisfaction with themselves and possible ways out of this problem. It is not for nothing that doctors say that in the treatment of patients with anorexia, family support, trusting relationships with loved ones and a great desire to help mean a lot.

It's in the head

Andrey Bobrovsky, Mikhail Gavrilov, Valery Romatsky

"How to beat your appetite: psychological techniques for dealing with extra pounds"

Any qualified doctor will tell you: the struggle for the ideal body must begin with the head. Often the cause of excess weight and overeating is chronic depression and stress. Many do not find a causal relationship between an extra piece of cake on a plate in the evening and nervous tension.

After reading a book by specialists from one of the most popular weight correction centers in Russia, you will learn about the successes and failures that a person encounters on the way to a slender body. Here, the question, which is relevant for many losing weight, is raised, why the dropped kilograms sometimes return so quickly. Famous nutritionists will also share the secrets of easy, simple and effective weight loss. Practical advice is provided at the end of each chapter. The book will help you to know yourself, find a taste for life and realize your positive inner potential.

The material was prepared with the support of specialists from the Centralized Library System of the Avtozavodsky District of Nizhny Novgorod.

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