8 Books That Will Reveal The Secrets Of Eternal Youth

8 Books That Will Reveal The Secrets Of Eternal Youth
8 Books That Will Reveal The Secrets Of Eternal Youth

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They will also tell you the whole truth about how to stay healthy at any age. What is your ideal health formula? Maybe something like: proper nutrition + active lifestyle, multiplied by good sleep, = beautiful appearance and longevity. In order not to be unfounded and make sure (or doubt) the correctness of our beliefs, we share with you a selection of popular books on health that can change the idea of ​​your body.


Irina Turchinskaya "Telosophy" The book is based on the eternal question "What is our body talking about?" Overweight correction specialist Irina Turchinskaya, together with pro-age medicine doctor Georgy Lebedenko, argue that form and content, that is, appearance and well-being, directly depend on each other and go hand in hand. Imagine that your body is an orchestra that can be easily manipulated if you learn the right technique. The rules of the latter are found in the book.

Alexey Moskalev "Secrets of Eternal Youth" Remember the film "Death Becomes Her", where the main characters, embodied on the screen by the legendary Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, were looking for the elixir of eternal youth? Let's not be a spoiler, but their search was unsuccessful. Perhaps because they were not yet familiar with Moskalev's book, which discusses all the main nuances of aging in the female body and their prevention. Is the process of withering youthful female and male body different, why cosmetic procedures are the most profitable business, and is it necessary to pay attention to ways to rejuvenate the body from the inside? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the book "Secrets of Eternal Youth", which, by the way, was nominated for the first medical literary award "Sanity", organized by the Doctor TV channel. Now readers can vote for their favorite book and discover new useful literature.

Konstantin Zabolotny "How our body chemises: the principles of proper nutrition" "A person is what he eats, and nothing else," the author asserts, and mercilessly removes the noodles of nutritional lies from our ears - as accessible, objectively and justifiably as possible. On the pages of his book, he will tell in detail about the causes of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and other things, and also give a couple of tips on how to correct existing diseases with the help of nutrition.

Sergei Bubnovsky "Lessons of Women's Health" A well-known specialist in the treatment and improvement of the body in his new book has created a master class on performing healing exercises for women of all ages. The instructions are quite suitable for both home exercise lovers and gym fans. Each exercise is described in as much detail as possible, with illustrations to avoid injury during training. The book also presents a set of activities for pregnant women, there is a section on combating obesity and even a list of exercises for lovers to flaunt on dizzying stilettos.

Olga Demicheva "Hormones, Genes, Appetite". How to lose weight with health benefits »Popularization of fashion for plus-size models causes a lot of controversy. Someone promotes not to be ashamed of their magnificent forms and appeals to body positivity, while someone, on the contrary, considers this movement to be a direct agitation for obesity. The problem of the latter will be discussed in the book by Olga Demicheva. The author claims that obesity adversely affects our internal organs, especially the heart, joints, and leads to the development of diabetes.So why some people can eat and not get fat, while others grow in breadth, as if from "air", and is it possible to lose weight without exhausting yourself and your body with constant diets? You will find answers to these and other questions in this book.

Olga Shestova "Age: paradoxes, questions and solutions" More and more often in conversations the phrase "paradoxes of age" flashes, meaning that with each passing year a person gets more and more pleasure from life. The only thing that can spoil the joy is the state of health. In order to prevent this from happening, at each age stage, its own measures are needed to strengthen and restore it. Scientists have long been conducting active research and dreaming of inventing a remedy for aging, but in order to catch this truly grandiose discovery, you need to safely live up to these times. How? Described in detail in the book.

Sergei Agapkin "All about female hormones" The book is a complete encyclopedia of women's health, tells about the effect of hormones on health and reproductive function. Also here you can find answers to questions about what diseases most often threaten women, how to protect your body from them, as well as how to become the owner of a slim figure and slow down aging.

David Perlmutter and Christine Loberg "Food and Brain in Practice" The author of the world-famous best-selling books "Food and Brain" and "Intestine and Brain" David Perlmutter has put together a practical guide for you in this book, where he developed a method of healthy living step by step. In the book you will find many recipes for delicious and healthy dishes, tips for solving digestive problems, as well as a basic menu for 14 days. In addition, the author shares his skills in coping with stress, provides a selection of effective exercise and teaches you how to practice sleep hygiene.

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