Lor Told How To Replace The Ear-cleaning Sticks

Lor Told How To Replace The Ear-cleaning Sticks
Lor Told How To Replace The Ear-cleaning Sticks

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Cleaning your ears with cotton swabs is an unsafe and outdated method. So the dirt can, on the contrary, be pushed back into the ear and create a number of problems, warned the otolaryngologist Vladimir Zaitsev.

Such a situation will lead to compression of the sulfur and the formation of a plug, and in the worst case, you can tear the skin of the ear canal or injure the eardrum.

As a safe alternative to cotton swabs, a doctor of the highest category suggested using ear drops, 3% hydrogen peroxide or soda.

An hour before going to the shower and washing your hair, cotton wicks with this preparation are inserted into your ears. Sulfur masses soften and when a person washes, sulfur in a liquefied state flows out of the ear canal, - quotes Zaitsev "Reedus".

In the case of soda, he clarified, a pinch of powder should be moistened with water until it becomes gruel.

It is possible to remove the sulfur mass with the help of cotton swabs with caution only if there is a system of mirrors at home and the person sees his ear canal and the dirt accumulated there, the otolaryngologist added.

A sure sign of accumulated sulfur, the doctor explained, is a situation when a person's ears are not blocked and he hears well, but after washing his head or swimming in the pool, he begins to lay them, and after a while his hearing returns. This, Zaitsev noted, is a serious reason to consult a specialist in everyday life.

He recommended seeing a doctor at least once a year and doing hygienic ear cleaning. The best time to do this is before vacation. This is because during swimming in water, the sulfur in the ear begins to swell, which leads to ear blockage and, in some cases, to pain.

Earlier, as NEWS.ru wrote, otolaryngologist Ivan Leskov said that sulfur in the ears, albeit in a small amount, is needed. It protects the skin of the ear canal. At the same time, like other experts, he did not recommend cleaning with chopsticks.

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