What Happened To Dogileva?

What Happened To Dogileva?
What Happened To Dogileva?

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She long ignored questions about such changes. But finally I decided to dot the i's …


Several years ago, Dogileva decided to undergo a rejuvenation operation. It seemed to the actress that directors would more often invite her to roles. But the opposite happened. After plastics, Tatiana lost her trademark squint, became ordinary. And later she herself admitted that because of this, she had less work.

Dogileva's fans, noticing how much the actress recovered, suggested that she was corny seizing her experiences caused by lack of demand. But recently Tatyana Anatolyevna admitted that she has roles! True, not quite the ones she dreams of. I would like something serious, dramatic. But alas …

“I began to play comedic women at an age,” - said the actress. And she noted that she had already resigned herself to the changes in appearance. I learned to live comfortably in the weight that I gained. Dogileva explained her completeness with health problems: they say, she has a disease, because of which you can easily get better, but you can’t lose weight. True, she did not specify the diagnosis.

“Overweight in 80% of cases is the result of improper diet and lifestyle (lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, stress, bad habits - alcohol and smoking),” says Elena Peregudova, endocrinologist and nutritionist. - And only in 20% of cases, the causes of obesity can be diseases. What kind?

First, age-related changes (menopause). Although this is not really a disease, but a natural aging process of the body. But during this period, there is a decrease in the production of sex hormones and muscle mass, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism and the appearance of body fat.

Secondly, endocrine diseases are hormonal imbalances. For example, with hypothyroidism - a reduced function of the thyroid gland - few hormones are released into the body and, accordingly, the metabolism slows down, and this leads to the appearance of excess fat mass, even if you eat little.

Thirdly, with the pathology of the adrenal glands, a large amount of the hormone cortisol is observed in the blood, under the influence of which the metabolism is also disturbed. Some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can affect the figure. But even if you have a disease, you can and should fight excess weight! True, the key point in this struggle is the treatment of the underlying disease. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medications or refer you to surgical treatment.

Weight loss should be approached comprehensively and not try to cope with excess weight on your own: with the help of advice from the Internet or "knowledgeable" people, sometimes it is simply dangerous. It is important to remember that obesity is a chronic disease, and the only way to get rid of extra pounds is to develop the right balanced type of diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lydia Mezina.

Photo: I. Ivanko / Agency "Moscow"

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