Lost Weight So As Not To Be A Log In Bed: The Girl Lost 64 Kg For A Bright Intimate Life

Lost Weight So As Not To Be A Log In Bed: The Girl Lost 64 Kg For A Bright Intimate Life
Lost Weight So As Not To Be A Log In Bed: The Girl Lost 64 Kg For A Bright Intimate Life

Video: Lost Weight So As Not To Be A Log In Bed: The Girl Lost 64 Kg For A Bright Intimate Life

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Excess weight burdens life, making it impossible to enjoy every day. Kaitlyn Gonzalez from Australia suffered from self-doubt and knee pain due to being overweight. In addition, the girl could not have an active sex life, because sex with her was only possible in one position.


But one day she woke up and decided to radically change herself. In just a year, the Australian managed to lose 64 kg and turn into a fit beauty. Find out how Caitlin overcame complexes and health problems from our article. The Australian woman has put on weight up to 140 kg, regularly skipping breakfast and absorbing tons of fast food. To restore her sex drive and return the spark to her relationship with her boyfriend, 27-year-old Caitlin made a radical change in her diet after surgery to reduce the volume of her stomach.

A resident of New South Wales has lost 64 kg and feels completely different, especially in the intimate sphere. She is very pleased with herself and the changes that have happened to her.

The girl suffered from excess weight since school, constantly overeating since childhood. Classmates teased her, but the fat woman could not control herself when she sat down at the table. Kaitlyn's parents always gave huge portions, repeating that she wouldn't get sweets if she didn't eat the main course. The Australian believes that this was the beginning of her problems.

Unable to withstand the bullying in high school, the girl switched to home education. The weight began to increase as she began to absorb even more food and sweets, skipping breakfast and gorging herself on junk food.

Kilograms have been accumulating over the years, and the scale exceeded 140 kg. The reflection in the mirror brought Caitlin to tears. The Australian woman began to feel depressed: she began to hate herself. Excess weight limited her movements, the girl could not pick up normal underwear and clothes for herself, go out for a walk with friends or even put on shoes.

Problems began in his personal life as well. During sex, Kaitlyn could only be in one position, because her knees hurt and her stomach was in the way. Some guys openly told her that they would be dating her if she was not so fat.

Her best friend was always slim, so she got all the attention when the girls hung out together in clubs. The donut felt superfluous at this celebration of life.

In 2017, Caitlin decided to radically change her life. The girl underwent surgery to reduce the stomach, during which she removed 80% of the volume of this organ. After the resection, she completely changed her diet, starting to eat a lot of dietary meat and vegetables.

After changing her diet, the Australian began to exercise. She hired a personal trainer and focused on transforming her body, exercising every day.

Caitlin often went out with her dog to the beach or the mountains. Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, she lost 64 kg in just a year and now weighs 76 kg.

Despite losing weight, the girl still had problems with excess skin, which had to be surgically removed. She underwent surgery in February 2019 and a breast lift in October of the same year.

Caitlin says she's happier now than ever. Friends are very surprised at the changes that have happened to her.

The girl thinks that if it were not for the operation and weight loss, she would have developed diabetes and would have been on the verge of life and death.

Now the Australian woman is confident in herself and goes shopping with pleasure, because she can pick up any thing she likes and look great in it.

People are surprised when they hear how many kilograms she has lost.For those who want to lose weight, Caitlin advises not to focus on skinny model standards, but to strive to become fit, strong and healthy.

It is not easy to radically change your life and start losing weight, but the result is worth all the effort. It is important to realize that you are doing this for your own good in order to feel comfortable in your own body. You need to step over the past, leave it far behind and go forward to a happy and healthy future.

The life of overweight people is hard. The British photographer suffered from obesity and complexes, disgusted with himself.

The love and support of his wife helped him gather strength and change dramatically.

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