Influenza Vaccination Continues In The Area

Influenza Vaccination Continues In The Area
Influenza Vaccination Continues In The Area

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There are 450 flu vaccination stations in Moscow.


Influenza vaccination continues in the capital's clinics and mobile centers.

- Vaccination will help to bring down the wave of seasonal incidence of viral infections and avoid an epidemic of influenza and SARS, which can complicate the situation with COVID-19, experts say.

Adult residents of the Yasenevo district can get a free flu vaccine at outpatient clinic 134, at DKTs 1, branch 4 (Akademika Bakuleva St., 18), as well as in the flagship of the South-Western Administrative District.

Before vaccination, a specialist will conduct an examination and determine possible indications. The entire vaccination procedure will take 10-15 minutes.

Any adult citizen of the Russian Federation can be vaccinated at the mobile station. To do this, you only need to have your passport with you. Find your nearest vaccination station here.

Recall that vaccination is the most effective and safest way to protect against influenza and its complications. The protective effect appears 10-15 days after the vaccine administration and lasts about a year. In recent years in Moscow, there have been no cases of severe complications from influenza among those who were vaccinated. Vaccinations in Moscow are carried out with domestic drugs developed according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and passed mandatory state certification. They are completely safe, which is confirmed by research. All vaccines are inactivated, that is, they do not contain a live virus and cannot cause disease.


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