How Do They Get Sick With Covid In The Vladimir Region?

How Do They Get Sick With Covid In The Vladimir Region?
How Do They Get Sick With Covid In The Vladimir Region?

Video: How Do They Get Sick With Covid In The Vladimir Region?

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In November, the registry office in the Vladimir region registered 2,537 deaths, which is 1,300 more than in the same period in 2019 and by 790 on average over 5 years. But this is the statistics of the Ministry of Justice, and the statistics of Rosstat are lagging behind by about a month.

According to Utemova, this increase has several reasons:

- registration of the deceased from other subjects of the Russian Federation;

- those who died not only from covid, but also from concomitant chronic diseases complicated by covid.

In general, Utemova admitted that “no one is hiding that, against the background of the excessive incidence of coronavirus infection, excess mortality has appeared.”

The risk group is still primarily people of the older generation. By the way, they have extended their self-isolation regime until December 27, but they continue to walk the streets, shops and hospitals.

Of the people of the older generation, the 80+ group is the hardest to tolerate covid. Here the mortality rate is 30%. There are cases among 90-year-olds and even 100-year-olds. And these people do not go outside, they are brought in by relatives who themselves can carry the virus and are asymptomatic.

Unlike the European model of the development of a pandemic, there are no outbreaks of coronavirus with a large number of cases and deaths in our homes for the elderly and disabled. Employees here work on a rotational basis for 14 days. Visits to relatives are prohibited. Thus, the number of contacts and the risks of illness among the residents of these houses are reduced.

In addition, at risk are people with chronic diseases, and, first of all, diabetes mellitus, blood diseases, cancer, HIV-infected and overweight people.

Another element affecting mortality is the timeliness of seeking medical attention. This is with many hours of queues at clinics. Utemova said that she knew about it. But nevertheless, he believes that doctors should be consulted, even if you have to wait many hours.

In addition, the province continues to purchase medicines for outpatients. True, they are not issued to everyone and not everywhere in the 33rd region.

Thus, confirming the fact of an increase in mortality, Utemova announced the sad news - this is how it is throughout the country. And in the Vladimir province, where there are many older people, in this regard it makes no sense to build especially rosy plans.

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