Sports Doctor Gave Recommendations For Recuperation After Coronavirus

Sports Doctor Gave Recommendations For Recuperation After Coronavirus
Sports Doctor Gave Recommendations For Recuperation After Coronavirus

Video: Sports Doctor Gave Recommendations For Recuperation After Coronavirus

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Video: COVID-19 and Athletes: Impact on Sports and Exercise 2023, February

After suffering a coronavirus infection, most people remain weak, short of breath and asthenia for a long time. Retired lieutenant colonel of the medical service, doctor of the Russian national cycling team, Alexander Yablunovsky, said that if athletes need about a month to fully recover, then ordinary people, depending on their age and the severity of their illness, take up to several months. He advised to reach the dock level of physical fitness gradually.

There are many reasons for the decrease in muscle tone. One of them was felt by everyone when they got sick and the temperature rose. Due to intoxication, all the muscles suddenly stopped turning on. The lungs are reflexively connected to the deltoid and trapezius muscles. Therefore, in patients with coronavirus with complications in the lungs, the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle are most difficult to recover, '' Yablunovsky told KP.RU.

The doctor advised to increase the load on the body gradually, but to conduct classes regularly, since only physiological fatigue will lead to the effect of supercompensation and an increase in muscle volume. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Before you exercise, you need to address painful muscle nodules. Otherwise, the muscles will tire very quickly and recovery will be delayed. It is very popular among athletes to self-treat trigger nodules by pressing them down with a roller, tennis balls or an electric massager before and after training, the doctor added.

As wrote, doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky named the reasons why professional athletes tolerate COVID-19 more heavily, and also explained why they become infected more often. He said that the paradox is in the strong immunity of athletes, which gives an overly active response to the coronavirus. He also noted that in the locker rooms, where a couple of dozen people can be at once, ventilation does not cope. Komarovsky explained that athletes do not have any special privileges in terms of health, because they, as a rule, have a whole range of serious occupational injuries. The physician urged his subscribers to engage in physical education, not sports. Because it is physical education that strengthens health.

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