Stress Has Been Named As A Cause Of Rare Heart Disease

Stress Has Been Named As A Cause Of Rare Heart Disease
Stress Has Been Named As A Cause Of Rare Heart Disease

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Stress alone, according to doctors, cannot lead to a heart attack. But chronic stress accompanies the development of hypertension. And high blood pressure is one of the important factors provoking myocardial infarction.

Persistent anxiety is associated with a higher risk of many types of heart disease: coronary artery disease, heart failure, and heart rhythm disturbances such as tachycardia. In addition, stress can contribute to unhealthy habits that people find it difficult to cope with. These often include smoking cigarettes, drinking large amounts of alcohol, and overeating.

Sudden stress can directly cause a rare condition called broken heart syndrome. American cardiologist Lauren Gilstrap told Insider about him. Tatsukobo cardiomyopathy, named after a Japanese octopus trap, is often confused with a heart attack.

With this disease, chest pain and shortness of breath are observed. Cardiomyopathy occurs when there is severe stress, such as the sudden death of a loved one. “People think they are having a heart attack. But that's not true,”explains Gilstrap. A heart attack occurs when an artery leading to the heart is blocked. "Broken heart syndrome" occurs, according to some doctors, due to a sharp hormonal surge.

“Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is fundamentally different from a heart attack. Everything is in order with the arteries, the blood supply is normal, but suddenly the heart stops contracting,”said the cardiologist. Acute heart failure occurs. The heart does not work efficiently within two to four weeks, but in most patients, the heart muscle is fully restored within two months. This disease is quite rare: according to the doctor, only 2% of heart attacks are actually "broken heart syndrome."

Reducing and managing stress through mindfulness, exercise, and hobbies is an important part of overall health and can improve heart health. Dr. Gilstrap encourages his patients to take a realistic look at the stressors in their lives and adjust what they can without worrying too much about what is out of their control.

Earlier it was reported that Russian experts proposed a non-standard means of dealing with stress. It will also help people with hypertension feel better.

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