Tips For Cheerfulness: How To Properly Celebrate The New Year Holidays

Tips For Cheerfulness: How To Properly Celebrate The New Year Holidays
Tips For Cheerfulness: How To Properly Celebrate The New Year Holidays

Video: Tips For Cheerfulness: How To Properly Celebrate The New Year Holidays

Video: Tips For Cheerfulness: How To Properly Celebrate The New Year Holidays
Video: Tips to celebrate the holidays safely 2023, April

Muscovites are preparing to celebrate the New Year, which this time will not be quite ordinary. Specialists of the Moscow Department of Health gave some tips on how to celebrate the holiday in order to wake up vigorous and in a good mood on the morning of January 1.


It is impossible to imagine the New Year in Russia without a festive table, champagne, sweets and general fun. And all this is wonderful - if in moderation. But this is precisely what problems often arise.

The golden rule, following which you can avoid negative consequences on January 1: do not drink alcohol at all, and if you do, then it is right.

- First of all, alcohol should not be combined with certain foods. For example, with sweets. You cannot eat alcohol with sweets, because sugar and alcohol compete with each other in metabolism and the half-life products of alcohol are only delayed, '' notes the chief freelance specialist, psychiatrist-narcologist of the Moscow Department of Health, Evgeny Brun.

The specialist advises to take long pauses between drinking alcohol, during which you need not just sit at the table, but move and dance.

Traditional champagne, despite its apparent lightness, is far from the safest alcoholic drink. After it, it is highly undesirable to switch to a stronger alcohol. Better to stay within the dry white range.

On January 1, the whole country starts to hangover.

- What arises the next day is not a hangover. These are the remnants of intoxication. Layering new alcohol on top of unprocessed alcohol is dangerous. This causes alcohol-related disorders. First of all, the cardiovascular system - up to cardiac arrest, - says Evgeniy Brun.

New Year's menu is a separate topic. According to statistics, Russians eat 60 tons of Olivier on New Year's Eve. There are well-established traditions: in advance to cook basins of Olivier and herring under a fur coat, put them in the refrigerator, and then serve. This approach can lead to a number of negative consequences. Firstly, in one day, the celebrants rarely eat a whole basin, so much remains “in the morning”. During this time, the food can spoil. Secondly, in pursuit of "waste-free production", many people try to "learn" everything that they have prepared. As a result, they overeat.

The salad dressing itself is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, you need to refuel just before serving.

Even if the hostess does not want to cook a lot of fatty and high-calorie foods, traditions and norms often put pressure on her: “What if the guests will not like it?”; "What if it won't be enough?" In fact, even a dietary table can be organized conceptually.

- There are diets with proven effectiveness in terms of preventing various diseases. If you want to surprise your family and make a conceptual table, then, as an option, it can be a healthy New Year's table. The most popular Mediterranean diet in the world. Oriental or Japanese cuisine are also great options, says Antonina Starodubova, chief freelance nutritionist at the Moscow Department of Health.

The upcoming New Year will be special due to the pandemic. Mass celebrations have been canceled in Moscow, citizens are encouraged to celebrate the celebration in the family circle, to refrain from celebrating in large companies. Some people are used to pinning great hopes on the New Year - as a unique opportunity to have fun and relax once a year. Oftentimes, these people’s high expectations lead to disappointment, this year the chances of disappointment are even greater.

- Expectations are too high, because we all remember childhood, we remember that a holiday is magic. Thus, high expectations can result in emotional frustration. In addition, the holidays in themselves are psychologically difficult due to the changing regime of the day. Because it is human nature to get used to a certain sequence of actions. The swings can lead to emotional exhaustion. It will be difficult to return to normal life, - says Nikita Chernov, head of the department of psychotherapeutic assistance and social rehabilitation at the Alekseev Psychiatric Clinical Hospital 1.

In order not to be sad that the holidays have passed and, perhaps, did not go as expected, so as not to worry about a quick return to work, you need to set yourself clear tasks for the holidays. This is especially true for parents: there will be no Christmas trees this year, so it is necessary to figure out what to do with the children. And most importantly, you need to be able to create pleasant emotions at any period of your life.

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