The American Conservative (USA): Trump, Transgender People And Curative Totalitarianism

The American Conservative (USA): Trump, Transgender People And Curative Totalitarianism
The American Conservative (USA): Trump, Transgender People And Curative Totalitarianism

We constantly read how barbarian Donald Trump is, how he violates the rules, how cruel he is and all that. This is partly true, not an outright lie. However, our media do not see how radically the position of the Democratic Party has changed on the issue of transgender people, how it supports what many of us sincerely consider barbaric. Trump may be rude and unfeeling at times, but he does not support the inhumanity that the kind, decent and outgoing Joe Biden and his party display when they mutilate children's bodies. At the same time, everyone in society is somehow forced to agree with the lies that underlie gender philosophy.


Today I received an email from the creator of the website. We have a mutual friend. The author wrote that I can publish this letter without giving her name. This is an important topic and you will never, ever read about it in the mainstream media that are completely subservient to gender ideology. Let's read the letter.

“I would like to share a story that shows how the combination of soft and hard totalitarianism, driven by money and ideology, can pose a threat to youth with gender difficulties. Your readers may be especially interested in this right now, as Joe Biden says he will "change the law" to support teenagers who call and consider themselves transgender.

I am an author of books on medicine, Ph. D., specializing in human behavior. During the Obama-Biden administration, I began researching female-to-male gender reassignment. It was "the most transgender-friendly presidential administration in history." Left-wing LGBT activists and people who make money from gender reassignment have been given permission to set boundaries for “acceptable” speech, research and medical practice. Therefore, it has become dangerous for medical professionals to talk about the problems associated with gender reassignment. And this affects the treatment that young people with gender difficulties receive today.

Research shows that female-to-male sex changes can be harmful and unnecessary for many patients. High testosterone levels cause autism and mental health problems in women. Experiments using placebo controls and studies of gender reassignment surgery show that such procedures can induce or exacerbate autism or psychiatric disorders as changes occur in brain tissue and brain activity.

I know that doctors do not warn patients' relatives about this. I asked medical professionals to help me expose the dangers of gender reassignment. But no medical professional has publicly acknowledged that gender reassignment can be unsafe and unnecessary, even though this is precisely what their own research suggests.

I have contacted medical professionals in the United States and other countries. Some of them told me face to face that they considered gender reassignment a bad operation, but did not want to talk about it openly. Someone generally refused to talk to me. One person accused me of being "heteronormative" because I questioned the safety and necessity of treating girls with testosterone drugs. But he has already published a paper indicating that excess testosterone can cause brain damage in women.

I have shared my research with doctors who treat patients with autism and gender identity disorder. These doctors said they were unfamiliar with the studies I found, or "did not believe" in them. And they will continue sex reassignment procedures for girls, even if they have disorders such as autism.

One expert refused to help me, saying that the benefits of gender reassignment outweighed the risks. Apparently, this is true for some patients, but this cannot be a legitimate excuse for hiding or minimizing risks. This infringes upon the individual, insults the patient and his independence, and is incompatible with the principles of informed consent. After all, it turns out that the doctor is hiding information about the risks only because he values the alleged benefits of gender reassignment. The American Medical Association states that it is morally unacceptable to withhold information from a patient without his or her consent, except for some medical emergency.

The doctors knew they could get away with it. They could earn money from drugs and surgeries, and no one could hold them accountable for the harm they cause to young patients, because the elite of society is in favor of gender reassignment.

Gender reassigners have won more than 150 victories under the Obama administration in school, health and other areas. Private sector organizations, independently and in partnership with the Obama-Biden administration, have been instrumental in promoting the transgender transition. These allies in the public and private sectors have effectively created a carrot-and-stick system: soft and hard totalitarianism. I believe that this is why many medical professionals refuse to acknowledge the problems associated with gender reassignment.

Physicians supporting such a procedure, including those associated with drug-selling pharmaceutical companies, receive funding, donations, and payments from patients and insurance companies for their research. Scientists have many opportunities to publish their materials if they call their work fighting "transphobia" and "hetero-cis-normativity."

People who express doubts or oppose gender reassignment face dire consequences. These are professional sanctions, dismissals, criminal investigations, public defamation, physical abuse, censorship, as well as a high degree of probability that your scientific works will refuse to be published or criticized.

By supporting LGBT actions, Democrats receive donations ("pink money"), supportive media attention and popular votes. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats supported the gender reassignment movement. Joe Biden expressed this support in 2012, then in 2017, and then in 2020. This was especially important when the Democratic Party was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were contemplating running for the presidency.

People from the public and private sectors have drawn positive attention to gender reassignment issues in the United States and elsewhere. Young people, especially girls, have developed rapidly developing gender dysphoria.

During the Obama-Biden presidency, there were a lot of female-to-male sex change operations. The girls became bald, had beards, lost their breasts, were left without ovaries, their voices became coarse, their genitals were deformed, and many physical and mental problems arose. And their female identity was also disappearing.

About two percent of girls in the United States today identify themselves as transgender or non-binary. About 40 percent are diagnosed with autism or have undiagnosed autism. Some suffer from mental disorders. But gender reassignment is very popular today, and the risks are carefully hidden, and therefore many young people without serious mental disorders and autism take this bait.

How many girls would be safe today if the Obama-Biden administration did not advocate gender reassignment? How many young people around the world would have avoided drugs and surgery if the Obama-Biden administration and its left-wing allies had abandoned their support for transgender transition?

Doctors prescribe gender reassignment drugs for patients with autism, schizophrenia, PTSD from rape, cognitive impairment, dissociative identity disorder, attention deficit disorder, and other illnesses. Doctors give hormone therapy to 12-year-olds, and hormone blockers are given to young children. They perform mastectomies on 13-year-old girls, remove the genitals of young boys, and perform uterus surgery on young girls with mental disabilities.

The public is told that such patients need medications and surgeries because they are “transgender”. But "transgender" only means that a person claims to be of the other sex or wants to have a different sex. This could be the result of autism or a mental disorder. "Transgender" is not hermaphrodite, he is not intersex. It is not a physical disorder or sexual development. I believe that most people would have realized this long ago if the Obama-Biden administration hadn't advertised gender reassignment.

This administration should have suspected problems with the transgender transition movement from the outset. Sex reassignment therapy is radical and is often given disproportionately to autistic patients who are vulnerable to inappropriate treatment. Doctors give such patients drugs with LSD, punish them with electric shocks, do lobotomies, experiment with bacteriological weapons on them, euthanize them, and do other harm.

Even a cursory investigation would certainly reveal the existence of problems.

When changing sex, testosterone preparations and drugs to suppress estrogen in biological women are used. These drugs are not FDA approved for sex reassignment.

Health experts in 2007 and 2014 warned of a lack of data on the safety of testosterone therapy for women. In 2015, at a FDA conference, a statement was made that doctors should only prescribe testosterone therapy to men. In 2019, they said: "There is no clearly established indication for testosterone therapy for women."

In 2014, when federal studies identified a link between these drugs and serious health problems, the FDA reviewed the safety of testosterone drugs. It warned in 2016 that such drugs are being abused by young people and adults. “Testosterone abuse,” the department noted, “carries serious health risks because it negatively affects the heart, brain, liver, mental health and endocrine system. Among the serious consequences noted are depression, hostility and aggressiveness."

In 2007, 2010, 2016, 2018 and other years, scientists have compared female autism with taking testosterone drugs. They published their findings in serious scientific journals such as Nature.

The researchers also correlated high testosterone levels with female schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, borderline personality disorder, suicidal tendencies, delinquent actions, cognitive problems, mood problems, body frustration, risky decisions, and aggression. These relationships have been reported since the 1990s.

Interestingly, in men, low testosterone and its absence are associated with autism, bipolar disorder, and other mental and neurological diseases. That is, the difference between the sexes matters.

Beginning in 2010, experiments have shown that testosterone supplements alter women's brain activity and behavior. Testosterone drugs negatively affect their social cognition and decision-making process. They change the moral values of women and reduce the level of trust in other people. They can cause social aggression. Scientists say their research points to a neural mechanism through which testosterone may be linked to symptoms of autism.

By 2006, scientists knew that gender reassignment therapy was changing brain tissue. A 2011 study found that female-to-male gender reversal suppressed social activity in the brain, leading to problems such as autism. Such therapy also affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for the "perception of one's own personality and one's own body", sexuality, language, aggression, motivation, empathy and other things.

Research from the 1990s suggests that drug-induced female-to-male gender reassignment increases the propensity for anger and aggression, as well as negatively affects speech abilities. In 2011, scientists concluded that female-to-male patients after treatment increased their urge to commit crimes and to commit suicide.

The FDA has received many reports of health problems in patients taking drugs that block hormones and are used to suppress puberty. In the 1990s, scientists found a link between estrogen blockers and depression in women. Decreased estrogen in girls has been linked to cognitive impairment. Blockers lowered IQ and altered brain development in female animals.

In 2014, the head of the US National Institutes of Health advised scientists to pay more attention to biological gender differences in order to avoid problems such as adverse drug reactions in women. American health authorities have known since the early 1990s that drugs that are safe for men can harm women.

However, this did not stop the Obama-Biden administration from advocating for gender reassignment.

And that's where we got to. Joe Biden, who could be our next president, just said he will take action to support an "eight year old" who will say, "You know, I want to be trans. It will be much easier for me to live this way.

Rod, I think you and Tucker Carlson and the rest of the conservatives would do well to remind people of what it was like during the Obama-Biden years."

I recalled. Neither Trump nor the Republicans in Congress have done little to derail this transgender train. But they did bring the federal government in line with its goals. If Biden wins next week, all executive power will be in the hands of controllers who believe in dangerous lies about gender and biology, and who are willing and even eager to experiment with the bodies of children and adolescents. Think about it.

In the future, historians will look back at our era and marvel at what we did with our bodies and with the bodies of children in the name of the sexual revolution and healing totalitarianism. This is by no means the unworthy white bumpkin Hillary Clinton talked about, nor the bad orange-haired man. This is done by a sophisticated and cosmopolitan elite, as well as kind-hearted politicians who see no limits to their utopian projects.

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