Faster Than The Wind. Is Running And Exercise Good For Everyone?

Faster Than The Wind. Is Running And Exercise Good For Everyone?
Faster Than The Wind. Is Running And Exercise Good For Everyone?

Video: Faster Than The Wind. Is Running And Exercise Good For Everyone?

Video: Faster Than The Wind. Is Running And Exercise Good For Everyone?
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Running from a heart attack is an expression, perhaps, everyone has heard. No one doubts that physical activity is really beneficial. However, is it worth everyone and everyone to run in the morning and set records in the gym?


From the spot to the quarry

Doctor Anastasia Chernykh has been advising visitors to the fitness club for many years and conducting master classes on proper nutrition. She says that physical activity must first of all correspond to the state of human health. There are diseases in which heavy loads can lead to unpleasant health consequences. It is also worth deciding for yourself what you need to study for. The result largely depends on the goal.

Marina Medvedeva, AiF-Prikamye: How to choose your target?

Anastasia Chernykh: For a start, one desire to start moving is enough. This is already good. And yet, if you see a landmark in front of you - what you strive for - it will be easier for you to achieve what you want. It is worth answering the question: do you just want to be in good shape or do you need to lose weight, or maybe you dream of running a marathon? In any case, the goal will help you not to quit playing sports.

- Those who are just starting to engage in any kind of sport or going to a fitness club really often stop after a few workouts. Why?

- The reasons are different. Oddly enough, one of the most common is excessive zeal at the beginning. Every workout is stressful for the body. If a person walks to the gym with enthusiasm every day, he risks overtraining. Intense training can lead to frequent viral diseases, as the immunity decreases against the background of stress. In this case, I advise you to rest and try to understand why this happened. You need to either reduce the intensity of training, or introduce vitamins into the diet. It all depends on the state of health and the result you want to achieve.

I advise you to start practicing correctly. Any fitness club has introductory classes, where experts can recommend a person the mode and format of training that are suitable for him, taking into account his health, age and even gender. If you decide to train yourself, then I advise you to increase the load gradually.

Walking for health

- According to your observations, what age people most often visit fitness clubs?

- I can say about the one in which I work. We are mostly visited by people over 35 years old. Of course, there are many young people among the visitors. However, the motivation in these age categories is different. At a young age, they often go to the gym in order to have a beautiful body. The older, the more consciously a person approaches classes. Health care is already coming to the fore.

The number of visitors aged 55 and over has significantly increased. For example, a 76-year-old woman comes to visit us. And she's attending intense workouts! Although her example is rather an exception. Such loads are not suitable for everyone, but for prepared people. The elderly should take into account their age characteristics. Walking more simply will have a positive impact on their health. The so-called Nordic walking with two sticks works well for them.

- Which activities are more suitable for men and which ones are more suitable for women?

- It is individual and depends on the person. But after 40 years, due to age characteristics, men and women should include different types of activity. Women are shown strength training and muscle strengthening training. This is due to hormonal changes: at this age, the likelihood of developing osteoporosis increases, the bones become more brittle. They need to be strengthened. Men over forty, on the other hand, should include flexibility training. Stretching is the prevention of fractures and sprains.

- Quite often they start to play sports in order to lose weight. But this does not help everyone. Why?

- There are many reasons. For example, women over forty, whom I just talked about, are more difficult to lose weight due to changes in hormonal levels. They expect to lose weight by playing sports. But that doesn't always work. 70-80% of success is proper nutrition. But it is worth remembering that nutrition alone is unlikely to lead to the desired result. You will not get a beautiful body without physical activity. It will be thin but loose.


- Recently, running has become more and more popular. Why do you think?

- Yes, indeed, now there are more and more people who want to run. For the second year in a row, a marathon has been held in Perm. So far, it is rather a fashion. Running is at the peak of its popularity, and many want to test themselves in this. But it was the same with fitness. When he just started to develop, going to the gym was just fashionable. But now most of the visitors still think about health. Most likely, it will be so with running.

Running is primarily a cardio exercise. It is useful for everyone who has no contraindications. But if you want it to really bring tangible benefits, the load must be dosed. You don't have to run a lot at once. It is better to train the body gradually. For example, if you are overweight, then it is better to start with a regular walk, because otherwise you will put unnecessary stress on your joints and ligaments.

- When is the best time to run?

- In the morning. Even a light run can charge you for the whole day: it will raise your vitality, start all metabolic processes, give you vigor and activity. You can also run in the evening - jogging before bed will help saturate the body with oxygen. And yet, the load in this case should not be large, since in the evening the body is tuned in to recovery.

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