Always Beautiful: How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order After New Year's Excesses

Always Beautiful: How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order After New Year's Excesses
Always Beautiful: How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order After New Year's Excesses

Video: Always Beautiful: How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order After New Year's Excesses

Video: Always Beautiful: How To Quickly Put Yourself In Order After New Year's Excesses
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New Year's holidays are insidious: first you promise yourself to start a new life full of good habits on January 1, and then you go to the kitchen for a bowl of Olivier. And now the morning begins in the afternoon, sports activities are abandoned, the scales mercilessly show excess weight, and the mirror reflects a slightly dented face. How to remove the consequences of the holidays - new material on

Marina Ryabus Head physician of the beauty and health clinic of Marina Ryabus, cosmetologist, neurologist, candidate of medical sciences

During the New Year holidays, it is almost impossible to avoid harmful goodies, alcohol parties and violations of the regime. All this, of course, affects both the face and the figure. But this does not mean that nothing can be done about it, you just need to follow a few simple recommendations.

Rule 1. The mode of the whole head

Beauty and freshness depend on the correct functioning of the body, which, in turn, is directly related to compliance with the regime. When a person eats at a certain time, plays sports, goes to bed, all systems work normally, without failures. And this has the best effect on metabolic processes and, therefore, on appearance. Otherwise, an inversion of sleep and wakefulness occurs: the normal production of hormones is disrupted, the person feels overwhelmed and tired, although he seems to be resting at this moment. Therefore, during the holidays, you should adhere to the regime. Even if the party drags on until the morning, set yourself an alarm so that you can sleep no more than 8 hours. Excess sleep is just as bad for the body as lack of sleep. But it's best to stick to your normal routine and avoid nighttime entertainment whenever possible.

You should not give up the usual training regime during the holidays. And it's better to spend your free time outdoors than watching endless TV programs.

Rule 2. Detox


Let's be realistic: few people on New Year's holidays can refuse traditional feasts and foods with a high glycemic index. There is another danger: alcohol consumption provokes appetite - an “innocent” pair of glasses of champagne leads to the consumption of extra calories.

In an amicable way, even before the New Year holidays, it is worth consulting with a nutritionist and choosing insulin sensitizers - drugs that reduce the glycemic load on the body.

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But even if you have not managed to refrain from excesses in the New Year, it is never too late to start detox treatments. First, we adjust the nutrition. There is no point in reproaching yourself for what you have already eaten and drunk, but it makes sense to consult with a nutritionist and choose a meal plan, as well as talk with a nutritionist and select supportive dietary supplements.

Secondly, modern anti-age clinics offer two types of detox droppers. The former remove toxins from the body, the latter saturate it with a complex of vitamins and minerals. Do not think that detox droppers are given only to patients in drug treatment clinics, this is a delusion. Cleansing the body of toxins from time to time is useful for everyone. Beauty starts from within.

Rule 3. Hardware procedures to help you

Of course, recovering from holiday excesses will take time, consistency, and responsibility. But some things can be fixed fairly quickly with hardware procedures. For example, you can tighten the oval of the face, which looks swollen after the holidays, using multilevel laser rejuvenation. Even one treatment with laser pulses will sharpen the contours of the face. At the same time, it will eliminate the vascular network, pigmentation and even out the skin tone.


Hardware treatments can help the body too. For example, using the Ulfit apparatus, in one procedure, you can reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat in a given sector by 30%. Highly focused ultrasound is applied to the problem area. Ultrasound rays heat the tissue to 45-55 degrees, cell membranes are destroyed, apoptosis begins, or the natural utilization of cells with the disassembly of all cellular organelles. Cell waste products are naturally excreted from the body over several months.

It is possible to correct certain problem areas with the help of cold. Cryolipolysis is a very popular procedure: Coolsculpting technology is able to tighten the chin line and reduce the waist, and make the shoulders, arms, hips and buttocks look chiseled and fitted.

It is possible to increase the general tone of the body with the help of the VelaShape apparatus. It not only restores the appearance and function of all layers of the skin with cellulite, but also increases physical endurance and relieves the state of chronic fatigue by saturating the blood with oxygen.

Olga Enko Expert in natural methods of rejuvenation

Rule 4. Perform any lymphatic drainage gymnastics

The first thing that is noticeable after night walks: a swollen face and bags under the eyes, as well as swelling on the body and a distended abdomen. It is necessary to help the body remove excess fluid from and traces of intoxication after alcohol. Do some light lymphatic drainage exercises, for example, while lying on your back in bed, lift your legs up and shake them vigorously for 1-2 minutes, or turn on your favorite music and dance! Objective: due to vibrations and muscular work, start the work of the lymphatic system, disperse and remove excess water. For those who know how to use the tapes, apply the application to those areas that disturb you the most, and leave it on the skin for 3-7 days.

Rule 5. Restore water and drinking regime!

Alcohol dramatically dehydrates the body after the holidays, which is why it is so important to drink clean water. In the morning, after gymnastics, drink 0.5 liters of water at room temperature and, if there are no health contraindications, replace it with mineral water.

It is a mistake to think that if there is edema, you should not drink water. On the contrary, it is important to establish water and metabolic regimes in order to help the body get rid of all that is superfluous. Attention! If you have a large excess weight, chronic diseases, including kidney disease, consult your doctor!

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Rule 6. Go in for sports (start or return)

Add light physical activity if you have not done fitness before: walking or running, swimming, cycling. Start with cardio workouts, then turn on basic exercises (for the abs, back, arms and legs) in 2-3 sets to gradually enter the old sports regimen.

Getting in shape after the holidays is easy even at home! Find 15-30 minutes a day for yourself and admire your reflection in the mirror again! And most importantly, enjoy the process, because taking care of yourself is so nice. And also remember, you should not rely only on the wonders of modern cosmetology and cosmeceuticals. New Year's promises to start a new life and stick to good habits must be followed. Your beauty and health are in your hands.

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