Sleep Compilation: Reading About Dream Mechanisms And The Science Of Sleep

Sleep Compilation: Reading About Dream Mechanisms And The Science Of Sleep
Sleep Compilation: Reading About Dream Mechanisms And The Science Of Sleep

Video: Sleep Compilation: Reading About Dream Mechanisms And The Science Of Sleep

Video: The Science of Sleep 2022, December

Despite the fact that sound, healthy sleep is terribly pleasant, we are periodically willing to sacrifice hours of recovery for work, study, or some other, as we think, important matters. Of course, we are doing this in vain, because the destructive effect of lack of sleep on the human body has long been proven. And how can you deny yourself the pleasure of plunging into vivid, colorful dreams? From sexomnia to ways to get rid of insomnia: we have compiled a selection of the best materials on the mechanisms of dreams and the science of sleep.

Sleep learning is a pipe dream for the lazy, but research continues on how to do nothing and still improve your memory. Scientists say that smells and sounds will help you remember foreign words or the melody of a new song. Seydi Witkowski, who researches sleep and memory, explains how this works in Aeon.

Sleep has its own time: why it is harmful to work at night It is no secret that sleepless nights affect the health of mind and body. Most likely in a bad way, but how exactly? The BBC journalist Claudia Hammond understands a sensitive issue, and we provide a translation of her article.

Flight, chase and sudden nudity: why do we have similar dreams Every person - no matter what country he is from, how old he is and what language he speaks - at least once in his life had a dream in which he would fly, fall from a height, lose his teeth or found himself naked in a public place. What is the reason for the same dreams? Can this be explained by similar biological mechanisms, or is it Jung's collective unconscious?

Off Button: Why Waste a Third of Your Life Sleeping Avoiding sleep for work reduces the productivity of each worker by an average of 11 days a year. At the same time, in some languages, special words have even appeared to denote death from overwork in the workplace. Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, investigated and proved that sleep deprivation lowers our productivity, ruins our health, and sometimes ruins our privacy.

Sleep science: somnologist Irina Zavalko - about circadian rhythms, Jawbone Up and lucid dreaming Somnology is a fairly young science, and many of its aspects still baffle scientists - ranging from amazing disorders like sexomnia to the question of why we even need dreaming sleep … Somnologist Irina Zavalko spoke about fragmented sleep and Kleine-Levin syndrome, whether gadgets like Jawbone Up help you get enough sleep, whether it is possible to prolong the deep sleep phase at all and whether it is useful to do it.

Sleep Mechanisms: Which Dreams Are Better to Remember and Why Counting Sheep Does Not Help Sleep we spend about a third of our lives - but much of this habitual state for us is still a mystery to scientists. We are publishing a summary of a lecture by Russian somnologists on the nature of sleep: why we need to sleep at all, what happens in the brain while we are resting, and how best to spend the day after insomnia.

The night is difficult: why we suffer from insomnia and how to get rid of it Insomnia seems familiar to most adults and adolescents. It occurs for a variety of reasons, from ambient noise to depression and apnea, and can even trigger panic attacks. We explain what prevents us from relaxing, how gadgets affect the quality of sleep, and what scientists advise to combat the disorder.

Secrets of Good, Healthy Sleep When the eyes close and concentration falls, it is a bad night's sleep to blame.And so you dream all day about how you will come home, lie down in your favorite bed and forget a sound sleep. As a result, once again look at the ceiling. We have collected more than 20 recommendations that will help you wake up full of energy, maintain this feeling throughout the day and calmly enjoy a sound and healthy sleep every night.

Why I sleep and do not get enough sleep Sometimes, even after 8-9 hours of sleep, a person may feel tired, because the quality of sleep depends not only on its duration, but also on other external factors that we often do not think about. We will tell you what affects sleep, how to create a comfortable environment for relaxation and what parasomnias are.

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