Immunologist Lists Useless Drugs For Mild Coronavirus

Immunologist Lists Useless Drugs For Mild Coronavirus
Immunologist Lists Useless Drugs For Mild Coronavirus
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Immunologist Irina Yartseva told which medications should not be used if a person is independently treated for a mild form of coronavirus infection.

According to the expert, there is no need to take antihistamines, thinking that they can relieve pulmonary edema like any other edema. There is also no point in cough medicine because it is dry with coronavirus. The doctor called the use of antibiotics a frequent mistake, if there is no indication for this.

Antibiotics are the hospital level if the patient has a severe course. There it is checked whether a bacterial infection has joined or not, - quotes NSN Yartseva.

She added that bacterial infection joins COVID-19 in only 8-10% of cases.

For treatment at home, the immunologist advised to take antipyretic drugs for several days, drink more. She added that the doctor may recommend some antiviral drugs, but not everyone needs them, so this should be decided on a private basis.

In addition, the specialist recommended gargling and humidifying the air in the apartment. She also warned about the risk of self-administration of blood-thinning drugs.

In many people, against the background of the coronavirus, the level of platelets in the blood decreases. If a person, not knowing about this, without taking tests, starts taking blood-thinning drugs on the recommendation of friends, then he has an increased risk of spontaneous bleeding, the doctor said.

Earlier, Joshua Shaffzin, M.D. from Cincinnati Children's Hospital, named drugs that must be abandoned for coronavirus infection. The doctor urged not to use antidiarrheal drugs with loperamide. He explained that such medications slow down the bowel movement, which prevents the body from clearing bacteria and inflammation. Shaffzin advised drinking more water and not interfering with the natural process.

The second group of unwanted drugs is inhalers. The expert advised not to use them if there is no asthma, because they harm the heart. The doctor explained that any drug containing phenylaphrine is dangerous for heart disease. This active ingredient is part of many nasal sprays, wrote.

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