Kucherov Spoke About Recovery After Hip Surgery

Kucherov Spoke About Recovery After Hip Surgery
Kucherov Spoke About Recovery After Hip Surgery

Video: Kucherov Spoke About Recovery After Hip Surgery

Video: Doctor Provides an Update on Nikita Kucherov's Return From Hip Surgery!! 2022, December

Tampa forward Nikita Kucherov, who successfully underwent hip surgery, spoke about his recovery from injury. According to the Russian, he pumps the muscles around part of the thigh.

Recovery and rehabilitation is expected to last until the 2021 regular season.

- It's been a month since I had the operation. I feel much better, - quotes Kucherov "Match TV". - I am recovering slowly, working with physiotherapists. I go to massages every day.

I mainly work on this leg. I pump the muscles around part of the thigh. After five weeks, I see that the progress is very good and I am happy with everything.

In general, I think it's right that we decided to have the operation right now. It was the best option possible. Look what is happening around - a pandemic, matches of different teams are postponed. Everything is a little crumpled. And I am pleased that we have come to such a decision. It was the right move.

- Tell us a little more about the injury itself. When did you receive it? This news was like a bolt from the blue.

- It happened back in the playoffs. More precisely, I had several microdamages. Then I came to Russia and didn't really feel this trauma. Because I did not train on the ice and there were no prerequisites that I would have problems with my hip.

The only thing I was a little worried about the groin. But I thought it would heal after a while. Returned to Tampa, went to all sorts of massages and needles. The groin seemed to be gone, but the thigh hurt. They have already taken pictures and found that not everything is in order with the hip. Then they decided that it was necessary to perform an operation.

- How is the recovery process going? Do you do any special exercises?

- Every day I go to the gym. I practice almost seven days a week. I regularly meet with physiotherapists. I'm working on building my thigh muscles. I train only with my own weight. Because in the first six weeks, heavy loads should not be given.

I am trying to work on volume of movement and I have it now much better than ever. Therefore, I am already happy. If earlier I had to diligently warm up 20 minutes before the match in order to regain movement, now I stand and feel that my leg is already stretched out.

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