Water: Health And Life

Water: Health And Life
Water: Health And Life

Video: Water: Health And Life

Video: Water: Health And Life
Video: Body Hydration: The Key to Improved Performance, Health, and Life | Chris Gintz | TEDxHiltonHead 2023, March

This is sufficient physical activity, and walking in the fresh air, and proper nutrition. And also a competent drinking regimen. This item is one of the most effective and affordable ways to strengthen the body's defenses and counteract viral attacks. The information portal "World of News" learned how to drink correctly and how ordinary water can protect against infections.



It is no secret that water is one of the vital components for the body. It helps the entry of nutrients into cells, food cannot be absorbed without it, it removes toxins and other harmful substances, helps cleanse blood vessels, maintain muscle tone, and ensure the work of all organs and systems. Therefore, now, during a pandemic, compliance with the correct drinking regime is more important than ever.

Senior Researcher of the Department of Rehabilitation Diet Therapy of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology" Yulia Chekhonina reminds our readers that the human body consists of water by about 70%. And if without food a person can withstand up to 20 days, then without water - no more than a week.

The daily consumption of fluid by the human body reaches 2.5 liters. We lose moisture through sweating, through breathing, through the kidneys and intestines. “The body needs to replenish fluid, but it would be a mistake to think that this can be achieved only by drinking 2.5 liters of water daily. There are other ways as well,”notes Dr. Chekhonina.


First of all, the body produces water on its own: the so-called endogenous fluid is formed by it through a series of biochemical reactions in the amount of 300-400 ml per day. In addition, we get up to a liter of moisture with food - soups, vegetables, fruits. Therefore, the amount of liquid that we should drink per day is no more than 1.5 liters, including teas and compotes.

Nevertheless, it is very important to use ordinary water every day - it is she who best replenishes the water balance in the body. Coffee or green tea, by contrast, has a diuretic effect, and if you drink them often, you will lose more water than you receive. “One or two glasses of ordinary drinking water a day, that is, about 250-500 milliliters in addition to the usual drinks, is the best way to observe the drinking regime,” says Yulia Chekhonina.


Water is also necessary for any viral infections - the need for it increases during illness. Intoxication and increased body temperature, which are accompanied by any ARVI, lead to increased moisture secretion. Drinking plenty of fluids at this time is one of the main medical recommendations.

Mineral water is especially useful for respiratory infections. It helps to thin phlegm and soften cough, soothes and coats the mucous membrane of the throat. In addition, ordinary mineral water helps to reduce body temperature, removes intoxication products and increases the body's resistance to infections. However, it is recommended to warm up the mineral water before such therapeutic use. It will also be useful to release gases from it. Warm and slightly carbonated is better absorbed, and its effect is softer.

In addition, doctors recommend using mineral water for inhalation: it contains useful salts, alkalis and trace elements, which allows you to soften and moisturize the mucous membrane. It is also important that there are no allergic reactions from such inhalations and they are suitable even for those who suffer from asthma or chronic bronchitis.

Today, doctors say that such inhalations are useful for those who have had a new coronavirus infection in a mild or asymptomatic form: they help moisturize the bronchial mucosa, which can be very susceptible to external factors. Lyudmila Khomich, an expert of the Union of Producers of Soft Drinks and Mineral Waters, recommends to study the information on the label when buying water: “The type of water must be indicated - table, medicinal or medicinal; the number of the well is given with the indication of the field or the name of the source and its location; on the packaging of natural drinking water - information about the place of water intake”.

Arina Petrova.


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