Ingosstrakh Spoke About Cancer Prevention Measures

Ingosstrakh Spoke About Cancer Prevention Measures
Ingosstrakh Spoke About Cancer Prevention Measures

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Moscow, February 4. Today is World Cancer Day. The growth of oncological diseases is observed all over the world. In Russia alone, at the beginning of 2020, cancer or suspicions of oncology were recorded in 350 thousand citizens. Therefore, today Ingosstrakh would like to remind you of the importance of taking care of your own health and the need to observe certain precautions.

Among the main reasons for the formation of cancer, malnutrition and smoking are distinguished. Excessive alcohol consumption, stress and prolonged sunbathing can also affect the development of the disease.

To reduce the risk of cancer, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

Monitor your diet. Refuse junk food, consume more calcium, fiber, vegetables and fruits, do not get carried away with red meat products. Do sport. This will prevent weight gain and strengthen the immune system. Reduce alcohol and tobacco smoking. Bad habits weaken the body and make it more vulnerable. Undergo regular examinations. The sooner the sick receive help from doctors, the more chances of recovery are.

Neither should you underestimate critical illness insurance. Thanks to this tool, you can get timely qualified help. For example, the Insurance Public Joint-Stock Company (SPAO) Ingosstrakh has the IngoMedZashchita program, which provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment of critical diseases, in particular cancer. Clients have access to two program options: treatment for malignant neoplasms, as well as an extended version.

Recall, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer has become the second leading cause of death in the world. Every 5th inhabitant of the planet falls ill with it, and every 8th man and every 11th woman die from this disease. 19.3 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2020, and 10 million people died as a result of the disease

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