A Hard Lockdown Was Introduced In Ukraine. How Do The Locals React To This?

A Hard Lockdown Was Introduced In Ukraine. How Do The Locals React To This?
A Hard Lockdown Was Introduced In Ukraine. How Do The Locals React To This?

Video: A Hard Lockdown Was Introduced In Ukraine. How Do The Locals React To This?

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The hard lockdown in Ukraine starts today. Schools and universities are closed until January 24, but kindergartens are open. Cafes, bars and restaurants will operate only takeaway and delivery. Markets, fitness rooms and entertainment venues are also closed. Mass events are also banned.


Grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and post office will continue to operate. Hairdressers and beauty salons did not close. But they must now accept visitors by appointment only. Public transport works without restrictions.

How do residents of the country react to the new restrictive measures? Odessa citizen Dmitry in this case, the government supports, this is a forced decision, he notes:

“We will survive. You have to stick to the rules. Now winter is the peak of colds, flu is different, and everything else besides covid. Therefore, I think we have now introduced quarantine. The government, apparently, took into account that there were New Year's holidays, they wanted to give people a rest, business to work. The situation is the same in all European countries. This is done so that fewer people get sick."

A resident of Lviv, Vladimir, believes that the restrictions imposed have nothing to do with quarantine:

“This is politics. It's morally hard, we all wear masks. In stores, thank God, even though there is food - it's already good. There is a separation of people, we communicate less, we go out less, we don’t go to visit, we will only talk on the phone - and that's all. Small shops are closing again. Distance learning is not prepared. We do not have a normal Internet, telecom operators take money, but they are not responsible for the quality, and the state does not pay attention to this. Here there is only one logic: I wanted it - I did it. You can't go on public transport more than there are seats, they say. But we are sitting next to each other. What about the distance? Why can't you stand? There is no logic. The same thing happens in stores. Does anyone there keep this distance?"

A student from Kiev, Lev, says that the new measures will have little effect on him personally. But the mother's business will suffer:

“I work remotely, do translations, I don't need to go anywhere or travel. But my mother has a store with clothes, she will have to close now, and maybe we will just somehow trade secretly, or we will not work at all, because we do not want to pay fines. Here we are driving yesterday - auto repair shops are working, it is as if people are not infected with the coronavirus, and people are being infected in other retail outlets. Still, this lockdown, as I understand it, is a little simpler than the spring one. We are personally in a good mood, we have just returned from Bukovel, skiing. Hope dies last. The hope that the time will come when we will remember this as some kind of bad dream."

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian State Bureau has launched an investigation into the covert coronavirus vaccination in the country. Earlier, journalists disseminated information that at the end of 2020, a batch of Pfizer vaccine was delivered to Ukraine on a charter flight. Officials allegedly received it for a lot of money. And they were vaccinated in a private clinic Mediland. Investigators collect information, interview witnesses, Ukrainian media write.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised “the most severe reaction” to those who “thought of secretly and in violation of the law to introduce a vaccine for sale,” if this information is confirmed.

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