Immunologist Spoke About "reactive Depression" Due To Wearing Respirators

Immunologist Spoke About "reactive Depression" Due To Wearing Respirators
Immunologist Spoke About "reactive Depression" Due To Wearing Respirators

Video: Immunologist Spoke About "reactive Depression" Due To Wearing Respirators

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The tightening of the mask regime during the COVID-19 pandemic, up to the obligation in some countries to wear two hygienic masks or respirators such as FFP2 and KN95 with a high degree of protection, damages the condition of people, primarily psychological. So says the immunologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov.


- This will lead to negative consequences in the form of reactive depression, since such remedies must be used by professionals in places with a high probability of infection. And the requirement, for example, of the German authorities, for the population to wear professional protective equipment, can be regarded as a manifestation of panic. Conventional hygiene masks in crowded places are enough. And it is necessary to improve the treatment and the medical system so that there are free beds, medicines and doctors, so that people do not die, - said the doctor in an interview with the correspondent of Vechernyaya Moskvy.

Masks such as FFP2 and KN95, which require wearing in some European countries, are advisable in conditions of high concentration of the virus, the expert noted.

- And such conditions exist only in the "red zone" of hospitals, where there is direct contact of medical personnel with patients. Therefore, it is stupid to carry them on airplanes, as they are obliged to do in some European countries, or outside hospitals,”the specialist added.

According to Zhemchugov, ordinary masks also reduce the concentration of the virus that a person inhales, and in everyday life this is enough to avoid getting sick.

The obligation to wear professional respiratory-type masks was introduced only in Western countries. In Russia, no such measures have been taken to combat the coronavirus epidemic. In our country, you can still walk in any kind of woven masks.

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