Ministry Of Health: Vaccine Trains Immunity

Ministry Of Health: Vaccine Trains Immunity
Ministry Of Health: Vaccine Trains Immunity

Video: Ministry Of Health: Vaccine Trains Immunity

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Video: COVID-19: Vaccines are safe for reproductive health | COVID-19 Special 2023, February

Older people are more likely than people in other age groups to have severe coronavirus disease. Complications can be avoided only by observing self-isolation, a mask and glove regime or when vaccinating against COVID-19, says Olga Tkacheva, director of the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, chief geriatrician of the Ministry of Health:

"Coronavirus infection is the first infection in the history of mankind that is so associated with age. Vaccination allows you to train the immune system to fight the coronavirus. That is, the vaccine introduces our immune system to the coronavirus, the immune system builds protection, and if then our elderly person meets a real coronavirus infection, the immune system is already ready for this to fight. And even if there is a disease, it will proceed in a milder form."

For people 60+, the coronavirus is dangerous due to objective reasons - the immune system weakens with age, explains Olga Tkacheva:

"With age, the aging of the immune system occurs, because in the body of an elderly person there are not enough so-called naive cells that will be rebuilt for a new infection. Secondly, older people have many chronic non-communicable diseases. Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease and other diseases. Coronavirus infection is difficult for them. And older people may have 2, 3 or more diseases that aggravate the course of COVID-19."

On January 18, mass vaccination started in Russia - now everyone can get vaccinated. In Moscow, vaccinations are now done not only in polyclinics, but also at mobile vaccination points. The procedure at such points is no different from that which takes place in a medical facility: a mandatory preliminary examination by a doctor and observation for half an hour after the injection. Free and without an appointment. You can get vaccinated, for example, in GUM, the Oceania shopping and entertainment center, the DEPO food mall, and the Helikon-opera theater.

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