Can Old Age Stop Joe Biden From Running The United States?

Can Old Age Stop Joe Biden From Running The United States?
Can Old Age Stop Joe Biden From Running The United States?

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Joe Biden leads the US election. Like his main opponent, this candidate is at an honorable age: on November 20, he will turn 78 years old. According to the WHO classification, this age is considered senile. In most countries of the world, people during this period of their life no longer work and are retired. Whether a deeply elderly person can actively work, found out from gerontologists and psychologists.

With age, a person becomes physically weaker and less hardy, fatigue increases, hearing and vision deteriorate. This, of course, could prevent Biden from fulfilling his duties as president of the country. As for the cognitive functions of the brain (perception of information, its processing, analysis), in old age they do not decrease in everyone, Olga Tkacheva, the chief freelance geriatrician of the Ministry of Health, told in an interview with She stressed that old age itself is not a diagnosis. Dementia and poor memory are not its constant companions.


Author: Olga Tkacheva [Chief Geriatrician of the Ministry of Health of Russia]

Someone develops cognitive deficit at the age of 60, while others may not have it even at 90. It depends on the characteristics of the individual. Therefore, it cannot be argued that at 78 years old people are incapable of running the state.

Life expectancy is increasing every year in Russia and in the world. In addition, more and more people are actively pursuing it. In the West, 80-year-olds go in for sports, travel and even get married. This trend, according to the chief geriatrician, is also reaching Russia.

The degree of activity in old age depends on genetics only by 20%. The rest is a way of life, ecology, absence or presence of bad habits, social activity. The higher the level of education a person has, the more likely it is that his old age will be boring, added Tkacheva.

In developed countries, in the upper strata of society, it is customary to lead a healthy lifestyle, this allows you to shift the age interval 15 years ago. Therefore, we can assume that politics is only 63 years old, Valery Mamaev, candidate of biological sciences, gerontologist, employee of the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told True, stress, which is indispensable in a high post, can undermine the physical and mental health of Joe Biden, the expert noted. Whether this happens or not depends on the drug therapy that his doctors should choose. Many modern drugs are able to completely neutralize the influence of these factors on the body.

The endless solution of new problems, the so-called brainstorming, is a real elixir of youth, psychoanalyst Lyudmila Polyanova told about it. People who do mental work age more slowly and look better than their peers sitting in a rocking chair and watching TV.

In addition, the physiological age is not always equal to the psychological one, which can reach the mark, for example, at 35 years old and no longer change. Therefore, not all elderly people have an ossified consciousness and excessive conservatism.

The environment in which he lives and works seriously affects a person. The environment preserves youth. For example, it has been proven that if an elderly and active person enters a nursing home, he quickly begins to behave like an old man. Conversely, surrounded by young female students, the teacher retains a fresh view of the world.

Sports also help to maintain a clear mind in old age, scientists from the Cooper Institute in the United States came to this conclusion. For 25 years, they observed 19 thousand people and came to the conclusion that patients with poor physical fitness began to develop dementia years later.Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent disease and maintain the cognitive functions of the brain is through exercise and sports.

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