What Habits Can Ruin Dental Health

What Habits Can Ruin Dental Health
What Habits Can Ruin Dental Health

Video: What Habits Can Ruin Dental Health

Video: What Habits Can Ruin Dental Health
Video: 8 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Dental Health 2023, March

At first glance, they are very innocent, but we advise you to forget about them forever.


To make white and even teeth not just a dream, brushing twice a day, using dental floss, and visiting the dentist is not enough. Certain habits can rob you of your Hollywood smile.

Gnawing seeds: This addiction over time forms a notch in the front teeth. Restoration is expensive, but aesthetic defect is not the main problem. Gnawing the seeds, you erase the enamel, the sensitivity of the teeth increases, this can provoke chips. Sharp peels can injure the gums. Buy a peeled product or practice removing shells by hand. Find a replacement snack such as dried apple wedges. Give up chips and crackers - they are no less harmful.

Holding a pencil or pen in your mouth This habit is acquired by many at school age. Because of it, chips, microcracks appear in the enamel, and it becomes vulnerable to carious bacteria. There may be harmful microorganisms on the writing utensils, there is a risk of developing inflammation of the gums and oral cavity. For the same reason, you shouldn't bite your nails.

Try to wean yourself from bad habits, do not use your teeth as a tool - you should not use them to tear off threads, open packages and bottles.

Grinding teeth Bruxism is a pathology in which a person in a dream clenches his jaw excessively and grinds his teeth. It leads to abrasion of the enamel and spasms of the chewing muscles, painful sensations in the jaw joints. Have you noticed this feature? Use silicone mouth guards that are worn overnight. Does this happen during the day? The body is under stress. Normalize sleep, take more breaks while working, and take walks in the fresh air. Muscle relaxants may be needed to relax the muscles and should be prescribed by your dentist.

Drink carbonated drinks They contain a lot of sugar, which carious bacteria feed on. With their regular use in the oral cavity, the acid-base balance is disturbed. In an acidic environment, minerals are washed out from the hard tissues of the teeth, the enamel is destroyed, and it is easier for bacteria to get inside. Avoid sugary drinks in favor of mineral table water or make homemade lemonades with fresh mint or tarragon leaves.

Using toothpicks It is easy to injure the gums with them. If germs get in, inflammation cannot be avoided. It is better to replace toothpicks with dental floss. There are also special brushes, they are recommended for people with periodontal problems or those who have to wear braces. Does food often get stuck between your teeth? See your dentist to find out the cause. Perhaps the distance between them is too large due to an incorrectly placed filling, crown.

Suck on lollipops Among candies, caramel is the most dangerous. Sugar settles on the surface of the teeth, and bacteria, absorbing it, begin to multiply more actively. To protect their colonies, they create a special film on the teeth, which contributes to the occurrence of caries. In addition, many people like to nibble on caramel, which is fraught with chips. Chewing gum is also harmful to the teeth - pieces of it often get stuck in the interdental spaces. Rinse your mouth after each sweets or chew sugarless gum for 5-10 minutes. Fighting a cough? Look for sugar-free lozenges or lozenges.

Should you remove your wisdom teeth? Eights are considered a rudiment. Due to their location, they are very poorly cleaned, and therefore prone to caries. It is quite difficult to treat them, but it is not worth removing if a dark spot or shallow cavity appears.

Deletion cannot be avoided if

the tooth is inflamed or cut;

you are about to correct the bite, and wisdom teeth interfere with the treatment;

the tooth is badly damaged, it is impossible to save it;

The figure eight is positioned incorrectly, you often bite your cheek.

In other situations, the tooth is almost always treatable.

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