How Did A Blogger Lose 50 Kg In 2 Months? Stas Ferbers Story

How Did A Blogger Lose 50 Kg In 2 Months? Stas Ferbers Story
How Did A Blogger Lose 50 Kg In 2 Months? Stas Ferbers Story

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Once Stas Ferbers quickly lost weight, but he does not advise anyone to repeat such an experience.


Now in the "instagram" of blogger Stas Ferbers you can see model photos with an ideal figure: six abs and relief, which many will envy. But he once weighed over 100 kg. Stas told the difficult story of losing weight in his YouTube video.

Computer and fast food

It all started in 2008, when Stas was studying in the cadet corps. Then he became interested in multiplayer online games, and for many years this became his only interest. According to the blogger, he could spend 15-20 hours a day at the computer without even sleeping for several days in a row.

As a result of a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet - at that time he ate mainly fast food - by the age of 16, Stas weighed about 120 kg. But it didn't bother him much.

Crucial moment

However, gradually the situation began to change. The young man began to spend more time with his peers. And one day, at a birthday celebration, his jaw was broken. They had to put on special splints, and for a month Stas could only eat liquid food.

Soups and broths quickly bored him, so most of the time he got along with practically one water. As a result, by the time the tires could be removed, the guy had lost almost 30 kg and weighed about 90 kg. This result may seem surprising, but it is short-lived. If you lose weight through fasting - and Stas's case was essentially just that, the body perceives the situation as stress and then tries to restore the lost weight as soon as possible. Therefore, this method is completely invalid.

I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles

After such a sharp weight loss, Stas quickly returned the lost kilograms. By that time he had already finished school - it was time to think about the future. The guy's parents decided to send him to a military university, but for this it was necessary to pass physical standards: running 3 km, pull-ups, etc. There was very little time left for preparation - two months.

As Stas admits, he is an addicted person. And he decided to resort to extreme measures: to practically give up food, replacing the main food intake with water, and at the same time engage in physical activity in order to prepare for passing the standards. After three weeks of this "regime", he realized that if you leave everything as it is, the body will not last long. Although during this time the guy managed to lose 20 kg, it was impossible to continue at this pace.

Just at this time, watermelons began to ripen, and Stas decided to replace all food with this fruit. It is also impossible to call such a diet useful, but at least he stopped fainting in training. As a result, the young man managed to get rid of another 30 kg.

How not to

Although Stas managed to achieve the original goal, he does not consider such a result to be successful. Having lost weight from 120 kg to 70, he looked terrible: the skin had acquired an unhealthy yellow tint, there was no question of any relief, muscles were also not observed. But even if it was not the most positive experience, it marked the beginning of change.

To achieve the form that Stas has today, it took him about two years of hard training and proper balanced nutrition.

According to the blogger, he managed not to gain extra pounds again just because he began to study at a military university. There was no opportunity to eat a lot, but physical activity was more than enough.

Now Stas weighs 80 kg with a height of 185 cm. In this weight, he feels quite comfortable, but he does not give up training and continues to eat right.

Such extreme methods of losing weight not only do not give a long-term effect, but can also cause health problems. As the blogger himself admits, he was very lucky in this regard: such drastic changes could lead to injuries and serious illnesses. You should not chase fast and "amazing" weight loss, the most correct and healthy way is to slowly but surely go towards your goal.

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