The Ideal Diet To Prepare For The New Year Has Been Named

The Ideal Diet To Prepare For The New Year Has Been Named
The Ideal Diet To Prepare For The New Year Has Been Named

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Russian nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov called the ideal diet in order to celebrate the New Year in great shape.


According to the specialist, in the pre-holiday diet, the composition of the products is important, and not their calorie content. Therefore, on the eve of the New Year, you can not give up low-fat foods.

At the same time, Kovalkov stressed that if, after a low-fat diet, a person eats up at the New Year's table of salads with mayonnaise, this can result in a serious blow to the body. And this can lead to an attack of pancreatitis and emergency hospitalization, the website of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

β€œYou have to understand that this will be a colossal blow to the liver, to the whole body. As a short-term - the so-called protein-fat diet, which uses a lot of proteins, a lot of fats and zero carbohydrates, will be ideal just before the New Year,”the doctor emphasized.

He also noted that losing weight on this diet can be quick and effective, as well as avoid the consequences of a heavy meal. However, such a diet can be adhered to for no more than one month, and then if the body is healthy.

β€œIt is also not recommended to exclude fats: without them, many vitamins and trace elements will cease to be absorbed, and you can also disrupt the hormonal background,” concluded the nutritionist.

Earlier it was reported that scientists in the course of experimental studies came to the conclusion that a ketogenic diet reduces the risks of contracting coronavirus, and if this does happen, then such a diet will help protect against a severe form of the disease.

Experts recalled that low carbohydrate content in the diet reduces the percentage of fat and "bad" cholesterol in the body, and also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Experiments have shown that such a diet increases the level of plasma ketone bodies, which control oxidative stress in the body and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, the scientists noted that the ketogenic diet promotes the proliferation of cells that carry the T-lymphocyte receptor and have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities.

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