Experts Talk About The Hidden Meaning Of Drug Legalization In The United States

Experts Talk About The Hidden Meaning Of Drug Legalization In The United States
Experts Talk About The Hidden Meaning Of Drug Legalization In The United States

Video: Experts Talk About The Hidden Meaning Of Drug Legalization In The United States

Video: Experts Talk About The Hidden Meaning Of Drug Legalization In The United States
Video: Dr. Carl L Hart: Why We Need To Change Our Perspective On Drugs - Extended Interview |The Daily Show 2023, March

In parallel with the presidential elections in the United States, local votes are being held in many states, including on the legalization of drugs. According to political scientists and narcologists, after the legalization of drugs, people will be easier to manage.

A number of states have allowed not only marijuana, but also hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. In Mississippi, 70% of residents voted to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In Arizona, 60% of voters supported the legalization of cannabis, while in the state the sale of this substance will be taxed at 16%. Marijuana was legalized in Montana and also decriminalized in New Jersey. In South Dakota, by 2022, "weed" will provide those who need it for medical purposes, reports "360".

Hallucinogenic mushrooms can be grown and consumed in Washington DC. In Oregon, mushrooms and pure psilocybin are allowed to be used to treat depression and anxiety disorders, and small doses of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine can be stored in the state.

As political scientist Vitaly Volchkov explained, the legalization of drugs is an initiative of the Democratic Party. It is important for them to be able to mobilize protest groups so that they have political and economic leverage over the population.

“So different means are used to suck money out. In fact, a person turns into a source of profit because of his weakness, dependence. And this is a very profitable business. The decision to legalize drugs, of course, is not a decision in favor of "consumers", but in favor of drug lords. And this is the mobilization of funds for the election campaign,”the expert explained.

He clarified that the decision to decriminalize drugs will lead to negative consequences. The crime rate will rise, and people will become addicted and easily controlled.

“Thanks to decriminalization, drug lords get the conditions for expanding their activities, and therefore they support those who are politically ready to give such permission. This is one side. And the second - addicted people believe that in this case the price for the dose will decrease due to the fact that it will be legal,”explained Volchkov.

In turn, the director of the Institute of Narcological Health of the Nation, Oleg Zykov, noted that there is no single strategy for the legalization of drugs in the States. Some states have decriminalized marijuana, while others have decriminalized mushrooms and heavier substances. Some states allow the use of drugs for personal purposes, in others - for medical purposes.

“If we talk about the medical use of marijuana, then we are not surprised that morphine is used for medical purposes in oncology? And we do it widely and do not call it legalization of drugs. This is the use of drugs for medical purposes. Oregon, yes, it can be considered in the context of legalization,”Zykov explained.

The narcologist considers the legalization of drugs in the United States to be a consequence of the global drug policy. In Oregon, he said, the authorities repeated the Portuguese strategy. Until 2001, the country had a very difficult situation with drug use, but after the decriminalization of drugs and the strengthening of preventive work, drug use declined.

Zykov explained that the fight against drugs, which originated in the United States, is inherently meaningless. The authorities do not influence the choice of people, but are at war with "chemistry". New synthetic drugs are constantly emerging, and the number of drug addicts is growing.

“This is evidenced by the latest UN reports and our internal reports. The entire drug market is being filled with synthetic drugs, what ordinary people call spice and salt. This is a more difficult situation, we do not even know what to do with it, because the chemical formula there changes very quickly and it is impossible to prohibit it all,”the doctor said.

The VZGLYAD newspaper wrote that the legalization of marijuana in the United States has recently begun to meet with protests in the country, including among professionals - doctors and chemists. They refute the notion that cannabis is completely safe in America. However, the US political leadership pays little attention to such statements.

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