Infinity Sign: 20 Longest Legged Stars

Infinity Sign: 20 Longest Legged Stars
Infinity Sign: 20 Longest Legged Stars

Video: Infinity Sign: 20 Longest Legged Stars

Video: Infinity Sign: 20 Longest Legged Stars
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Which model made it into the Guinness Book of Records as "the longest-legged woman on Earth", how Naomi Campbell gets rid of cellulite and why did Tom Cruise dislike Nicole Kidman's tall stature? A special BeautyHack compilation features 20 celebrities with the longest legs, as well as their personal beauty secrets.


Taylor Swift, height 1.78 m

The singer values her feet from her ears so much that in 2015 she insured them for $ 40 million - you never know? Taylor also makes sure that they are always in great shape. In her opinion, it is in a healthy lifestyle that the key to happiness lies. She goes in for sports every day and most of all she loves running: "For me this is a great reason to listen to new songs - I love to run to a good beat!"

Anya Rubik, height 1.79 m

The Polish top model admits: "I inherited a good metabolism from my mother." Nevertheless, Anya monitors her diet - she eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, refuses meat and fish, but constantly drinks smoothies. Cabbage, coconut water and almond milk are a beautiful skin cocktail recipe that helps models wear cut-out dresses.

Jordan Dunn, height 1.8 m

The British model is often compared to Naomi Campbell - but in height, Jordan has bypassed her by a few centimeters. In 2009, the model gave birth to a son, but this event did not affect either the figure or the career - boxing and gymnastics helped. According to her, the most important thing after training is the feeling of one's own strength.

Blake Lively, height 1.78 m

Blake is twice a mom. Yoga for pregnant women helped her keep herself in great shape, but most of all the actress likes to walk and ride a bike a lot. If you want legs like Blake's, take at least 10,000 steps a day. But the star is not fond of diets - he eats according to the 80/20 system, that is, 80% of the week eats exclusively healthy food, and in the remaining 20% he allows himself everything.

Gisele Bundchen, height 1.8 m

Giselle manages to do everything: work, act in films, relax, raise two children, do charity work (model - UN ambassador) and not forget about the figure. Three to four times a week, she does yoga, boxing or kung fu, and she adds chili to almost every dish to stimulate the metabolism and not get better.

Cameron Diaz, height 1.75 m

The length of the actress's legs is 111 centimeters, and so that they are in good shape, Cameron tries to fill every free minute with physical activity. For example, taking a run from the makeup artist's table to the trailer, or embarking on a short, intense workout between takes. The actress admits that she loves to "sweat" - after physical activity, a blush appears, and her face begins to glow.

Karlie Kloss, height 1.88 m

The model says: "Every girl should do ballet - if only for the sake of the habit of always keeping her back straight." We do not know how it is with the back, but long slender legs are Carly's calling card. The same ballet, as well as a combination of boxing, yoga and cycling contributed to an excellent form. The model cannot imagine life without physical exertion, and even if there is no opportunity to work out in the gym, she runs 12 kilometers a day or walks the same amount.

Gwyneth Paltrow, height 1.75 m

The actress is a mother of two children, and at the same time is able to give odds to any super-model. She is sure that sports are good not only for the figure, but also for the skin - intensive training helps to get rid of toxins. And to keep her body fit, after grueling workouts, Gwyneth takes an ice shower. You can find out if Gwyneth Paltrow could become your personal healthy lifestyle mentor or not here.

Heidi Klum, height 1.76 m

The model's legs are insured for $ 2 million, but Heidi jokes: "I have a scar after I fell on the glass, so my left leg is not as expensive as my right." After the birth of four children, she still manages to maintain the figure of a supermodel - two or three times a week, Heidi goes for a run and jumps with the children on a trampoline. “I just imagine bikini season is open all year round,” the model admits.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, height 1.75 m

Rosie's legs have long been the subject of discussion and controversy - some consider them beautiful, others enviously call the model a "giraffe". However, the 102 centimeters length gives it a place in the rankings. Her choice - classes on the Body by Simone system (a mix of dance, yoga and aerobics) and jumping on a trampoline and skipping rope.

Zoe Saldana, height 1.70 m

The growth of the actress is not very model, but with the length and slenderness of her legs, she can compete with the "angels" of Victoria's Secret. Zoe has long excluded sweet, salty and fried foods from the diet, and proclaimed sports the main source of the hormone of happiness. To the standard set of exercises, the actress adds a series of deep lunges to keep the hips tight.

Uma Thurman, height 1.83 m

Once upon a time, the legs of Uma conquered Quentin Tarantino, and the director was not admired by the length - the 43rd size of the foot seemed to him very sexy. Be that as it may, care for such a treasure needs careful - the actress is engaged in Pilates and martial arts, adheres to a macrobiotic diet and drinks only the purest spring water. Thanks to this, Uma looks great without Photoshop - you can see this here.

Margarita Lieva, height 1.78 m

The model and founder of BeautyHack admits: "My modeling past has set the bar - to be always in shape, to take care of yourself." Three times mom goes in for sports in the morning on an empty stomach four times a week - she combines cardio and a set of exercises for the buttocks, abs and legs. Margarita ends the workout with stretching, and then swims in the pool to relieve muscle tension.

Ekaterina Domankova, height 1.78 m

The model, the mother of three daughters and the founder of BeautyHack, stay in great shape with proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Ekaterina did not forget to play sports during pregnancy: she swam 1-1.5 km, walked at a brisk pace and did simple exercises in the gym. And in order to tone the skin, she uses creams and body scrubs from Thalion.

Naomi Campbell, height 1.77 m

The length of the legs of the "black panther" is 110 centimeters, and coffee helps her to take care of them. The model admits: "This is just a miracle weapon against cellulite." And the more caffeine, the better - Naomi chooses a green variety from the Ivory Coast and makes a natural scrub out of it.

Eva Herzigova, height 1.8 m

The Czech model's Instagram account is replete with photos in mini dresses and short shorts - Eva can afford it. Training in a stuffy room is replaced by equestrian sports and swimming. The model says that no exercise pumps the muscles of the legs and buttocks as well as horse riding. We readily believe!

Nicole Kidman, height 1.8 m

The once high growth of the actress led to discord in the family - according to rumors, Tom Cruise even forbade Nicole to wear high heels so as not to look too short against her background. The actress does not lose heart and continues to emphasize her dignity, and also does not forget about sports. Nicole grew up in Australia, which means that love for water is in her blood: she devotes 30 minutes of swimming every day.

Brooke Shields, height 1.83 m

During the filming of "Blue Lagoon" for the actress, they dug special trenches in the sand so that against her background the leading actor did not seem low. Brooke herself jokes that it was her long legs that brought her to Broadway. After the second birth, she gave up fast food and fatty foods, and also began to regularly exercise at home simulators.

Maria Sharapova, height 1.88 m

One of the longest-legged athletes is tennis player Maria Sharapova. For 121 centimeters of beauty, appropriate care is needed, so Marina trains 6 times a week for 6 hours a day - big sport does not tolerate indulgence. “One has only to skip three workouts and the muscles weaken,” says the athlete. In addition to working out with a coach on the court, Maria stretches, runs in the morning and pumps the main muscle groups in the gym.

Lena Perminova, height 1.78 m

Lena's long legs are the envy of many girls. Functional training with active workout of the lower body and core muscles, which are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine, helps to keep the figure in good shape. Fortunately, anyone can repeat the exercises - Lena willingly shares photos and videos from workouts on her Instagram.

Vera Brezhneva, height 1.72 m

The impeccable figure of Vera Brezhneva is the result of regular training, a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The star does not welcome strict diets - he prefers healthy foods. “Diet means blocking yourself, forbidding yourself to do something. And you always want to break the ban,”says the singer.

Adriana Sklenarikova, height 1.85 m

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Slovak model was recognized as the longest-legged model and even entered the Guinness Book of Records. And for good reason - Adriana's legs are 125 centimeters long. But the model has no beauty secrets - she loves to eat deliciously and has never been on strict diets.

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