White-toothed Smile In Russia Will Not Work - There Are No Teeth

White-toothed Smile In Russia Will Not Work - There Are No Teeth
White-toothed Smile In Russia Will Not Work - There Are No Teeth

Video: White-toothed Smile In Russia Will Not Work - There Are No Teeth

Video: White-toothed Smile In Russia Will Not Work - There Are No Teeth
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There are many toothless youth in the Arkhangelsk villages. In the village of Purnema, Onega, the tractor driver in conversation turned his face to the right and then to the left, even though the topic was interesting to him. When he smiled, it became clear that he had no teeth - neither above nor below. And he is 35 years old.


A lost tooth is a month of pain, the risk of inflammation of the gums, face, and sometimes a danger to life. And the tractor driver lost about a dozen and a half. It is better not to imagine what the loss of teeth threatens to the family of a tractor driver - scandals and all kinds of dangers. At work, thoughts are not about production, but how to stop the pain. No research has been carried out on the losses incurred by the region's society and economy from tens, if not hundreds, thousands of such sufferers. With current approaches, the problem cannot be solved. For information - an implant of one tooth in a good Arkhangelsk dentistry costs 25,000 rubles, its installation - another 25,000, treatment and installation of a crown - 15,000-18,000 rubles, a filling - 4,000-6,000 rubles. And in the villages, a salary of 15-20 thousand rubles is considered a great success!

Sergei Emmanuilov, chairman of the committee of the Arkhangelsk Assembly of Deputies on Social Policy, Healthcare and Sports, believes that this was the case before, during the Soviet era. We even argued - I don't remember then people without teeth - they were bad, and without teeth - only old people. One can only guess about the reasons for the discrepancies in the memoirs, despite the fact that S. Emmanuilov is deservedly considered one of the best regional deputies.

With the teeth of the population is a disaster

Svetlana Gorbatova, rector of the Northern State Medical University (Arkhangelsk), disagrees with the deputy's assessments: “There are no dentists in many districts of the Arkhangelsk region. The population has a big problem with teeth, comparable in size to cardiovascular diseases and oncology, but it is not noticed - it is expensive, and there is resistance from influential private dentistry. And unfinished teeth are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, unremoved roots are a danger of inflammation of the gums and face.

Until 1989, tap water was fluoridated and there was less tooth decay. Dental prosthetics were then free for patients with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and even gold crowns - a neutral metal - were placed for ulcers. Now free prosthetics are only for war veterans, and there are only a few of them left.

The Ministry of Education of the Arkhangelsk Region, school directors, in the 1990s-2000s "squeezed" most of the dental offices out of school buildings, arranging storage rooms and auxiliary premises. In Arkhangelsk, out of 25 school dental offices, only 17 remained. Thank God - the majority in Arkhangelsk were preserved! But in Severodvinsk, dental offices were closed in all schools! In schools in the districts of the region, there are also no dentistry offices - in Velsk there are still, but in Mezen, Pinega and even Kholmogory - no. But the problems of personnel and housing for them fell from the managers.

The Arkhangelsk Regional Ministry of Health from year to year gives the SSMU an order for the training of the 1st (!!!) pediatric dentist, despite the fact that the region does not pay money for this, it is paid by the Federal Ministry of Health. SSMU asked the region to purchase a mobile dental office, and was ready to send specialists to the "outback", but it was said that the equipment works on water, and there is no warm garage so that it does not freeze. In the fall of 2020, I proposed to the Ministry of Health of the Arkhangelsk Region to develop a program for the prevention of dental diseases in children. The fact is that special dental coatings are ten times cheaper than their treatment. Moreover, these programs are partially funded by the federal budget. A working group was created to develop the program, but the case died out."

In Karelia, dentists travel to villages, and in Arkhangelsk "the water is frozen"

Very positively both Sergei Emmanuilov and Svetlana Gorbatova greeted the message on the personal Facebook page of the head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov: “Another dental complex has arrived in Karelia. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide care to patients outside of hospitals. In addition, the special vehicle has an apparatus for fluorescent stomatoscopy, which is designed for the early diagnosis of oncological diseases of the oral cavity.

Mobile dentistry will operate at the Republican Dental Center. It is intended for examination and treatment of residents of the districts of Karelia. In addition, the complex will be used to provide dental care to people with coronavirus infection, which will minimize their contact with other patients.

Let me remind you that this is the second mobile dental office that has appeared in the republic this year. We received the first one in the spring; it serves the patients of Interdistrict Hospital 1 in Kostomuksha.

In addition, in 2020, under the Zdravookhranenie national project, we purchased 5 mobile FAPs and two mobile fluorographic complexes, they also made it possible to make qualified medical care more accessible for residents of remote settlements of our republic."

Sergei Emmanuilov spoke about the unsuccessful attempt of the Arkhangelsk region to purchase the same mobile offices: “I am a deputy from the Pinezhsky and Leshukonsky districts of the Arkhangelsk region, and with my late colleague, deputy Stanislav II, we were working on the issue of a mobile dental complex. The regional dental clinic was supposed to become its user. But it turned out that the devices offered to us work on water, and in winter we would have to leave the working equipment overnight, and the dentists abandoned the project. Although I think mobile installations are useful and necessary.

In every central district hospital (CRH), which in every district, there are dental offices in which free care is provided. Nobody is involved in implantology at the Central Regional Hospital, it is done in regional dentistry and private clinics in Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk. In the national project on health care, funds for dental prosthetics are not included, this is a lot of money, and the regional budget will not be able to cope with them”.

National project "Healthy Teeth"

After reading the message of the head of the Republic of Karelia A. Parfenchikov, Sergei Dmitrievich said that he had again talked with the chief physician of the Arkhangelsk regional dentistry and they would return to the issue of purchasing mobile offices. But the size of the problem with the teeth of Russians, and residents of the North in particular, has long required a systemic solution, and not the purchase of two or three mobile offices. It is necessary to include the prevention of dental diseases, therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic dentistry in the national project "Healthcare".

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