Scientists "tricked" Diabetes

Scientists "tricked" Diabetes
Scientists "tricked" Diabetes

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Human psychology can influence biological processes - this thesis was proved by scientists at Harvard University. They conducted an unusual experiment involving people with type 2 diabetes.

Drinks with identical ingredients were offered to 30 study participants. The labels were false. Blood glucose levels measured four times before and after drinking the drink showed that blood glucose was getting higher. This happened when people believed the high sugar labels. The drinks were the same - the two groups were offered a liquid with about fifteen grams of sugar. The results were published in the scientific journal Nature.

At the same time, scientists warn that such a psychological deception cannot treat type 2 diabetes on its own. The authors of the experiment argue that the study will help to find in the future effective methods of treating people struggling with uncontrolled biological processes.

Type 2 diabetes develops due to high blood sugar levels, which the body cannot use to fuel cells. This is fraught with various health complications - from mild ailment to amputation of the legs.

As Profil previously wrote, one of the main steps in the fight against diabetes will be weight loss. Scientists believe that when it is excessive, too much fat is stored in the liver and pancreas, and this affects the development of the disease. Losing about 15 kg dramatically increases the chances of a long and healthy life. You can get rid of extra pounds by changing your lifestyle and sticking to a diet.

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