You Can Eat An Elephant Bit By Bit: Where To Find Energy For Personal Projects And Where To Start Your Own Business?

You Can Eat An Elephant Bit By Bit: Where To Find Energy For Personal Projects And Where To Start Your Own Business?
You Can Eat An Elephant Bit By Bit: Where To Find Energy For Personal Projects And Where To Start Your Own Business?

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Modern living conditions force a person to hurry somewhere all the time, to make decisions, to act, to be torn between family and work. How, in these conditions, to find strength for their own interests and personal growth? After all, any project from losing weight to learning a language, not to mention hobbies and business, requires energy. Where can I get it? Psychologists, coaches and those who themselves were able to solve this problem in their lives spoke about this in an interview with the MIR 24 correspondent.


“If you have the main job, then, of course, there is free time - evenings, weekends, vacations,” says family and personal psychologist Dmitry Sobolev. - If a person has conceived a high-quality personal project (which means that the direction of the project is chosen by him and he likes it), then he will enjoy what he does. A personal project, if chosen correctly, is enjoyable in itself. Joyfully spending time on it, thinking about it well - these are positive emotions. The person will experience self-actualization, and this is a strong and powerful energy. Such a personal project is not a job for which you need to force yourself to go somewhere and do something. Therefore, giving the project his free time, a person will automatically receive energy for its further implementation."

Here is what Denis Mikhienkov told about his experience, who, while working as the general director of a transport company, is conducting two local business projects and one global social project in parallel: “Where can we get so much energy? First, set yourself one super goal that you can fulfill will satisfy your ego and be truly proud of yourself. Break down the path to achieving this goal into many small, measurable steps. For example, register in five social networks, write 10 posts, send a commercial proposal to 20 companies. And you will see that completing each step will give you a significant boost of energy.

The most important thing is family support. When you are supported by loved ones, you will feel such a surge of energy that you will be ready to move mountains. But make no mistake, you will be supported for a reason. Even close people, you must convince, ignite them with your idea. Otherwise, you will be left alone against the whole world, and you will most likely lose."


"Believe in yourself, set measurable goals and don't forget about your loved ones: they are your support, your foundation, your fusion power reactor!" - says Denis Mikhienkov.

According to Dmitry Sobolev, you can start small: collect information about the project, sketch ideas, creative thoughts in a brainstorming format, take notes and calculations. As a result, a person earns money on his main job and at the same time, drop by drop, "drips" ideas into the "decanter" of his project. Thus, the personal project gradually becomes tangible, a framework appears.

When a person feels that the project has matured - a lot of information has been collected - he takes up the implementation. Some projects can be implemented on weekends. You can devote your vacation to starting a new business. And then just look: if the project has gone, began to develop, then a person can leave his main job and devote himself entirely to personal business. The main engine, source of energy is self-actualization. A person will be "charged" from each step on the way to the realization of his dreams.


"You can eat an elephant bit by bit", or How to turn fears into aspirations

“One of the reasons for the lack of energy is fear.Or a lot of fears, - the writer, psychologist and coach Eden Elnikova said in an interview with the MIR 24 correspondent. - Before starting a project, it always seems that "I definitely won't eat this elephant." The simple idea that the elephant can be eaten piece by piece will help to release the energy.

Write down or speak out your fears. Describe your feelings. Ask yourself: what are the blocks that prevent you from starting your plan? What thought is stopping you? What do you think of yourself as someone who fulfills their dreams? It is very important at this moment to understand what exactly you are afraid of. For example:

I am afraid that I will be misunderstood; I am afraid I will look stupid; I'm afraid I might make a mistake.

Turn fear into desire: change the wording "I'm afraid" to "I want":

I want to be understood; I want to look smart; I want to do the right thing.

Such an elaboration of fears and their transformation into a conscious desire will release a lot of strength and energy. This will provide a lot of internal resources.

“The psyche of a person who has seen goals is happy to embark on a journey for a dream, in contrast to the psyche of a person who has not overcome his fears,” says the expert.

Prioritize and discard unnecessary things

Business owner Maria Orlova tells about her experience: “I have been working in the corporate world for more than 10 years and in 2016 I decided to try to open my first Instagram project in parallel - it was a small store. The main question was how to keep up with everything, being nine hours a day in the office. I understood that it would be very difficult to pull all this alone, so even at the start I attracted my friend to help.

We drew energy from enthusiasm and enthusiasm, from dreams of growing our business, trying to communicate more with customers, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our product. All this gave strength to continue and the belief that we are on the right path. The main energy of an entrepreneur is customer gratitude and profit. As soon as something starts to work out, you are ready to move mountains!

Having continued to work in hiring in 2020, I opened the first offline project - a salon for animals, and this required more effort, time and energy. I began to practice meditation in order to completely disconnect from stress and reboot at least 10 minutes a day. I focused more on my health, because when you work a lot and are responsible for your employees and clients, you need to be in good shape all the time. I began to try to eat right, gave up alcohol - this also improves my well-being and gives more strength to move forward. And most importantly, I gave up unnecessary meetings and communication, because most of all energy and time are taken by people: parties, endless gatherings with friends, talking on the phone - all this systematically sucks energy, devastating the resource state. But when you do not have the strength even for yourself, you cannot do anything beyond your everyday life. For this, there must be a reserve of strength, which is why it is so important to prioritize and give up everything that is superfluous."

Inspiration hour: how to charge the internal "battery"

Another reason for the lack of energy lies in the fact that it is not distributed correctly: it simply does not remain for personal projects and for self-development, because all of it is spent on daily “routine”. Psychologist, psychoanalytic coach Ekaterina Pavlenko told about how to deal with this.

“Before looking for energy and worrying about its lack, try to honestly answer yourself the questions:“Do I really like these projects?”,“Do I really want to do them? - says Elena. - Sometimes the lack of energy for some business is an unconscious resistance, unwillingness to do it. If the answers to both questions are in the affirmative, then understanding where your energy is spent and what serves as a resource for its restoration can help in restoring the energy balance. "Where to begin? Here's what the psychologist advises:

Draw a circle, imagine that this is all your energy. Write down the main areas of life that require energy from you (work, household chores, personal life, sports, children, hobbies, sleep, etc.). Now divide the circle into sectors in accordance with the amount of forces that each of these spheres takes from you. You can note the percentage. Do you like this distribution? Would you like to change it? If so, how? What actions can you take in the coming days to change this distribution? During the week, write down all the activities that occur in your life and evaluate each of them in terms of energy movement: it charges you (+) or takes a resource (-). After a few days, you will have a better understanding of the movement of energy in your life.

Make a Schedule: Schedule a time for activities that inspire you, fill you with strength. Put them on a schedule and try to follow it. For example, suppose you have 30 minutes to read every Tuesday night and chat with friends every Thursday. Knowing when the hour of inspiration will come will help your psyche maintain a resource and withstand stress. And having a schedule will help you not to forget about rest and time for yourself.

Give yourself a chance to rest and do nothing. Let it be a little, but regularly. Even the coolest and most powerful race car needs breaks and respect.

Down with the time absorbers

This is what a psychologist, a specialist in working with the subconscious and developing personal potential, the founder of the Potok school of awareness Maria Samarina says: “It is important to realize when energy is wasted. In today's world, there are many temptations that are wasting our precious time and energy. But these resources can be directed at any time to implement your own ideas, to make your dreams come true. The average Russian spends about three hours a day in front of a computer screen or with a gadget in hand for entertainment. It is worth adding to this the TV, which you only glance at from time to time, and now, unnoticed by yourself, you watch absolutely empty content for 20 minutes! Precious time wasted, the brain, instead of resting, is loaded with unnecessary information, and there is no joy in this either.

Such absorbers of our time and energy include empty telephone conversations, unnecessary household chores, and bad habits. If we try to realize how many resources we are wasting, it will be easier to understand where to find the time and energy for what is really important and useful."

Get up earlier. To feel as energized as possible, it is important to wake up and start your day before 6 in the morning. As soon as the body gets used to such a regime, a person feels a real surge of vivacity, strength, energy and joy. You will have time to do much more for yourself and for your family. And to make it easier to motivate yourself to get up early, you can choose some important and pleasant business for which you will happily get out of bed. For example, morning yoga or meditation at dawn will bring many pleasant emotions.

Restore energy. For this, a simple meditative practice is suitable, which will allow you to quickly pump the main channels of the body, arms and legs and will give the maximum effect. Here's how it's done. We stand in a pose, as if we are ready to accept something coming to us from above. At the same time, the legs are slightly bent at the knees, the back is straight. Imagine that now we will receive solar energy through our palms and head. And also we will receive energy from the ground through the feet and perineum.

On inhalation, imagine that we are drawing in energy through the palmar centers, through the crown of the head and bring these three streams to the solar plexus. As you exhale, we mentally conduct energy down through the centers of the feet and through the perineum. In three streams, energy goes into the ground.After we have sucked in the energy in three streams into the solar plexus and released it through our legs, we make the opposite move. While inhaling, we mentally draw in energy from the ground through the centers of the feet and perineum in three streams and imagine how we connect them in the solar plexus. And on exhalation, we release in three streams through the palmar centers and the crown. Now, by connecting these two elements of the exercise, we begin to work like an energy pump. A few of these inhalations and exhalations are enough for your body to begin to actively fill with energy. Consciousness in this case will become clear, and thinking - fast. This exercise can be done every time you feel weak, tired, lack of energy, or in the morning - as a workout.

Draw energy from movement

If your main job is intellectual sedentary activity, then fitness can help raise your energy levels. “Two to four times a week for 40-60 minutes - and your intellectual, cognitive, creative, business and stress-resistant abilities will increase dramatically, and your productivity can break records,” says a clinical neuropsychologist, mindfulness practitioner, cognitive behavioral therapist., founder of Neurosophy Artur Kudryavtsev. - Physiologists have found that physical activity awakens and invigorates our intelligence. It is not for nothing that we often hear that with a great mental load, it is imperative to alternate activities. Paradoxical fact: physical activity primarily affects the brain, only then the body, and this fact has been proven experimentally. In addition, almost any regular physical activity increases the level of happiness hormones in the blood (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine), reduces cortisol (stress hormone), increases testosterone."

According to the expert, each of the popular physical activities, according to the observations of scientists, has its own specialized effect.

Aerobic exercise, yoga, or simple, non-breathless fitness can help you build self-esteem and improve cognitive performance. Such training is shown to those for whom non-standard thinking and an original approach are important. Cardio - aerobics, stepper, rowing, and other heart and circulatory workouts - increase your learning ability. An exercise bike is almost a win-win option for those who need to get rid of stress and irritation. Uniform movements drive you into a kind of trance, allowing the nervous system to rest, and at the same time increase the level of endorphins. Swimming in the morning gives you a boost of vivacity, and in the evening it relaxes and calms your nerves. Strength training improves concentration, increases testosterone and turns athletes into stubborn, goal-oriented people. After the barbell, taking on a business task, even the most difficult one, is not a problem. Running also helps to reduce the level of stress and depressive moods, as well as to defeat laziness, fills the body with vigor and perfectly fights chronic fatigue. With active movement, all the same endorphins and serotonin are released especially powerfully. Therefore, they easily get hooked on running. It is enough to force yourself to run 3-4 times moderately, starting very small. For the first time, you can even start with a walk and gradually increase the load. For the fifth time, the body itself will call you for a run.

However, if you take on too much, the result will be the exact opposite: even more elevated cortisol and the accompanying unpleasant consequences. Energy training should be moderate. Start small and work your way up gently and gradually.

“Besides fitness, there is one more recommendation - meditation. This technique will help unload the brain and allow you to recover from mental and physical overload.As a result, tension and the production of stress hormones will decrease, fussiness will disappear, you are clearly aware of life priorities. Productivity and creativity will increase,”says Artur Kudryavtsev.

Seven steps to a dream

“In order not to stand still, but to move towards your dream, I offer you seven steps, following which, you will feel energetic and happy again,” says the psychologist of Teledoctor24 Yulia Kuznetsova. Step 1. Write down what exactly you want to introduce into your life or change in it. Step 2. Make a plan that should contain a list of small tasks on the way to a high goal. Step 3. Use visualization of your goal. Imagine that you have already succeeded, but do it right. For example, the goal of “learning English” is not very inspiring, but the goal of “getting a job abroad” is a completely different matter. How are you feeling? What emotions fill you? "I am confident, joyful, calm, etc." - Feel it through your body, like goosebumps or, for example, the light that fills you from the inside. Take these emotions with you. Immerse yourself in them whenever you need to recharge and support yourself. Step 4. Don't wait for the desired state. When you can't be in optimal condition, you just need to get to work. This is often what gives the needed energy. Step 5. You already know what you would like to do, what attracts you. Try this business first as a hobby, without parting with your usual profession. Pros: you do not give up stability and a good salary, status, but at the same time you are trying a business that is interesting to you. If you like the job, then the hobby can gradually develop into a profession - so that you will enter it not completely as a beginner and even with a set of necessary contacts. It's much easier than starting from scratch. Either way, a new hobby will allow you to switch and energize. Step 6: Be sure to keep a journal. write down small but small successes and changes. Look there often, it will support you, inspire you, give you energy and resources.

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