Truth Or Myth: Twelve Essential Questions About COVID-19

Truth Or Myth: Twelve Essential Questions About COVID-19
Truth Or Myth: Twelve Essential Questions About COVID-19

Video: Truth Or Myth: Twelve Essential Questions About COVID-19

Video: Truth Or Myth: Twelve Essential Questions About COVID-19
Video: Infodemic: Coronavirus and the fake news pandemic 2023, March

A year has passed since the emergence of coronavirus infection changed the life of the whole world. About 60 million people are interested in COVID-19 every month. This is according to the data of search engines. In addition to useful information, there are a lot of myths around this disease that only confuse and mislead citizens.


Which statements to believe? What are the arguments sounded just speculation? About this and not only "Word and Deed" asked the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation and Doctor of Medical Sciences Yuri Fokin. According to the expert, there are a lot of statements around this disease that do not have any medical justification. The expert identified twelve statements that deserve special attention of citizens.

The vaccine does not protect against infection. It is a myth!

As noted by Fokin, recent tests of the testimony showed that the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine is 92%.

“No vaccine can provide 100% protection. It can't be like that. But the efficiency of 92% is considered very high. To be vaccinated or not - that is the question. It all depends on the testimony of the person. If a person does not have antibodies, if he is from a risk group, if there are no accompanying contraindications, then he must be vaccinated."

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Source: FBA "Economics Today"

You don't need to wear masks. It is a myth!

You need to wear masks, the speaker continues. They can be omitted only in two cases. If a person walks down the street, and there is no one around. The second case is if a person moves around the city in his personal transport.

“They say that the mask makes breathing difficult and aggravates the patient's condition. These are all myths. Everyone needs to choose a mask of the appropriate size and material."

You can get infected from pets. It is a myth!

Pets do not pose a threat to humans. No studies have been documented to prove otherwise.

"COVID-19 goes away on its own in seven days if treated, and in a week if left untreated." It is a myth!

The doctor notes that these words have no medical basis. Any disease must be treated. “A person should be isolated and receive therapy,” the speaker added.

Once you have been ill and you will not get sick again. It's true!

Cases of secondary infection have been recorded, but they are now being studied in detail. This could have happened for two reasons. First, the wrong diagnosis was made in the beginning. Secondly, there was some kind of technical error in the collection of material.

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Source: FBA "Economics Today"

The virus is a man-made biological weapon that has been developed in laboratories. It is a myth!

As the doctor noted, it has already been proven that the disease has a natural character. The carrier is a bat.

“The myth is that this is a man-made biological weapon that was invented to destroy the nation. Like, the Chinese came up with something, got sick and now everything is fine with them. But it is well defined not by this, but by how the system of anti-epidemiological measures is organized. They are based on the Soviet system, which consists of discipline, order and treatment."

Foods (garlic and ginger) will protect against coronavirus. It is a myth!

There is no need to talk about the usefulness of these products. It is important that with their excessive use, having concomitant diseases, will receive more harm than good. For example, if a person has a peptic ulcer, then spicy food will exacerbate a chronic illness. Now the scientific community is looking for options, but it will take time.

“You need to eat as usual, but be sure to follow the drinking regime. 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight, if there is no heart failure and additional edema, you need to take. And you can buy the products that are due to you according to your condition and wallet."

You can go to the bathhouse and drink alcohol even when you are ill. It is a myth!

Such a duo has no preventive function. It can only aggravate and worsen the situation. “There is a high risk of developing hyperthermia and convulsive syndrome if such a person decides to undergo treatment alone in a bath. This is a very deep mistake."

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Source: FBA "Economics Today"

COVID-19 is good. It's true!

Thanks to this disease, doctors began to perform computed resonance imaging (CT) on the population. At the same time, other diseases of the respiratory system began to be detected: oncological, changes in the lungs and others.

COVID-19 has made people with chronic diseases take better care of their health. It's true!

Coronavirus infection is especially dangerous for people with chronic illnesses. If earlier they hoped at random, now they must be on the alert and turn their attention to health. In addition, the disease showed that the medical industry in the country should be protected and valued by medical workers.

Coronavirus infection is a harbinger of the end of the world. It is a myth!

There will be no Armageddon, the expert says. This is a common disease that is under control. “The main thing is that the end of the world does not come for each person individually. It occurs when state norms established for the population are violated. If we all treat them carelessly, the infection will progress. But over time it will all stop. But then the question will be different: how many people will die in this case”.

COVID-19 does not go unnoticed. It is a myth!

Yes, it can pass without a trace. But for this you need to approach the treatment of the disease with all seriousness, the doctor summed up.

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