You Can't Fool Nature: 4 Signs Your Partner Is Not Faking An Orgasm

You Can't Fool Nature: 4 Signs Your Partner Is Not Faking An Orgasm
You Can't Fool Nature: 4 Signs Your Partner Is Not Faking An Orgasm

Video: You Can't Fool Nature: 4 Signs Your Partner Is Not Faking An Orgasm

Video: You Can't Fool Nature: 4 Signs Your Partner Is Not Faking An Orgasm
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This material will be useful for both men and women - we will tell you about each gender

Watching erotic films and videos has killed the understanding of the natural process in many people. It is normal for a healthy body to reach orgasm not every time, because our body does not work at a click. You can change your mood, increase or decrease libido, be a certain stage of the menstrual cycle, change the sensitivity of the mucous membranes, etc. - there are many reasons. However, understanding when you and your partner are reaching orgasm and when not is important. Some people keep patterns in their heads and simulate during sex, so as not to offend a loved one. And when you know about simulation, you can talk frankly with the person and find a solution to the problem. All this is in the material

What do we have in common

We do not agree with the now fashionable phrase "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" - no, it is not so. Due to physiological characteristics, our organisms are different, but there are also many similarities between them. For example, if you count an orgasm as the peak of sexual intercourse, then you can trace the trajectory of the release of hormones, like on a roller coaster. Excited, we accelerate, then reach orgasm and almost immediately stop, as if rushing down a slide. This is normal, because when you reach orgasm, sensitivity, as well as hormonal levels, are at their maximum. After sex, you often do not want to touch the body, so as not to further stimulate the erogenous zones, which indicates a decrease in the amount of hormones in the blood. Drowsiness covers, again you want to free up space around you for a quiet rest.

Muscles are in tension

With penetrative intercourse, the achievement of orgasm in women is closely related to muscle contraction. At the peak, the pelvic muscles tense and the labia filled with blood expand in volume - a man can feel how mucous women grasp the penis more tightly. In men, orgasm manifests itself as a tension on the penis, which becomes hard and voluminous due to the flow of blood. If partners manage to peak at the same time, which, incidentally, is rare, they experience stronger sensations, which can be accompanied by muscle blockages and a slight tingling sensation that goes through the whole body and literally reaches the brain.

Look at natural secretions

Both men and women release a lubricant - this is invented by nature to provide sliding between the contiguous mucous membrane and denser skin. During arousal, a man has pre-ejaculate, and a woman has a vaginal secret - without them, sexual intercourse would be painful. The amount of liquid is different, depending on the biological characteristics of the body, but usually 1-2 "tablespoons", that is, not so much. Achievement of orgasm in this regard is more pronounced in men - there is an ejection of sperm. In women, this only manifests itself during squirt, when the sheet under the woman's pelvis literally becomes wet. True, not all women have such a reaction, so you should not judge by it.

An explosion of emotions

Yes, by moans and words of a partner, you can also determine whether he is really experiencing an orgasm or just pretending. If a woman starts screaming, then there are two reasons - either she is in pain, or she is pretending. The first may even be associated with pleasure, but it is observed during the sharp introduction of the penis, and not at the moment of progressive thrusts. More often, the partner will moan, squeeze the sheet or the man's skin with her fingers, close her eyes or bite her lips - these signals will more accurately indicate that a woman has reached a peak than screams. With men, similar signals are observed: your partner will pull his head back, close his eyes, squeeze your body or his hips, pronounce words on emotions. Distinguishing a natural response from a pretense is not difficult if you have sexual experience and know the person you are sleeping with.

Do not be discouraged if you are unable to achieve orgasm every time - we repeat once again that this is normal. If you don’t remember the last time you were happy with sex and felt a pleasant feeling of fatigue, then it’s time to come to an appointment with a sexologist and both of you to check the health of the reproductive system with a doctor.

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