Psychologist About People Who Gave Up Meat In The Country Of Khinkali

Psychologist About People Who Gave Up Meat In The Country Of Khinkali
Psychologist About People Who Gave Up Meat In The Country Of Khinkali

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Meanwhile, in Georgia, despite the variety of dishes with animal fats, the number of so-called vegans is also growing.


Veganism is a strict form of vegetarianism that excludes the consumption of animal products. Vegans refuse to accept not only meat, but also eggs, dairy products, honey. The term "veganism" was coined in 1944 by the ideologue and popularizer Donald Watson.

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, which has been celebrated since November 1 since 1994, the correspondent of Sputnik Georgia asked psychologist Nana Chachua about the number of vegans in Georgia and why these people choose only plant-based foods as their food.

"The number of people following veganism is increasing. Vegans are strict vegetarians. This is a certain position, let's say, an expression of the attitude of their own body to the world around them. These people, in fact, with all their psychophysical integrity, acquire a completely different attitude to external reality," Chachua said.

According to the psychologist, a person can never refuse water, which simply does not have an alternative, since it is a person's vital need. But as far as food is concerned, here a person can already choose what to eat. This is a person's inner decision. But the question is why he begins to divide food into plant and animal. People have been taking food of animal origin since time immemorial, but some people begin to feel disgust for it.

The psychologist believes that in the event that a person has an aversion to animal products, up to vomiting, it is necessary to investigate what caused this. Chachua emphasized that in cultures where, for example, pork is not eaten, and it is prohibited as a food product, a person may feel nauseous even from its smell. This will be due to the fact that the human psyche stores information about its unacceptability, Chachua explained.

If this is not due to the rules of the culture and environment in which a person grew up, and he is accustomed to animal food from birth, but nevertheless feels disgust for it, then in this case you need to turn to the help of a psychologist.

"Perhaps this is a certain internal protest, and it may be due to the environmental problems facing the whole world today, but this is happening unconsciously," Chachua said.

Fear of those ecological processes and dangers facing the planet can cause a person. Some in this way unconsciously impede all these negative processes.

The psychologist advises parents of vegans who do not share their attitude to food not to impose their lifestyle on them. There should be no violence, Chachua noted, adding that if the human body requires animal food, then it must be taken.

Georgian wars. Meat eaters against vegans "The human body is designed so that it chooses what it wants and what not. More often young people are vegans, but there are people of any age. You know, for example, I have a friend, she is not a vegan, she is a vegetarian. meat and looks great. This is a deep psychological factor, which is a kind of psychophysical response to the dangers facing humanity, "- concluded Chachua.

Vegans don’t wear leather, fur, wool, or silk clothing and, moreover, don’t use products that have been tested on animals. The reasons for refusal may be different, but the main one is the unwillingness to be involved in the killing and cruelty of animals.

Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts are the staples of a vegan diet. While many vegans associate their choices with animal allergies, they generally choose to live this way for moral and ethical reasons. Vegans believe that humans should not exploit animals. However, there is a category of people who are sure that only through the use of plant foods can you achieve longevity and health.

By the way, veganism is quite popular among world stars such as Brian Adams, Pamela Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton with Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mike Tyson.

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