How To Get Back To Normal After Long Holidays

How To Get Back To Normal After Long Holidays
How To Get Back To Normal After Long Holidays

Video: How To Get Back To Normal After Long Holidays

Video: How To Get Back To Normal After Long Holidays

New Year's holidays gave us not only rest, feasts, meetings with family and friends, but also extra pounds, as well as a change of regime. talked with experts about how to painlessly return to the usual rhythm of life and lose the kilograms gained in a week.

In order to restore the previous sleep pattern, the sleep doctor Elena Tsareva recommends setting the alarm at the same time for three to five days - for example, at 6:00. If you start adhering to this rule on January 9 and do not give yourself indulgences on the weekend, by the beginning of the new week you can accustom your body to an early rise. At the same time, the doctor noted the need to stop sleeping during the day.

To help yourself fall asleep, the specialist advises to give up food, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, strenuous physical activity, and also reduce the number of light sources in the room a few hours before the desired time for the start of the night's rest. You can also take a pill containing melatonin, or eat foods rich in melatonin, such as fruits and berries. The doctor noted that concentrated cherry juice doubles the content of this substance in the body. However, it tends to raise blood sugar levels.


Author: Elena Tsareva [somnologist]

It is also recommended to get out of bed when you cannot sleep for 15 minutes. Otherwise, you will only maintain insomnia. It is worth returning to bed when drowsiness becomes pronounced.

At the end of the holidays, you should prepare yourself for the fact that it will be difficult to wake up and work. This will make it easier to endure the first day of work, says psychologist Irina Korchagina. According to her, it will be harder to get back into the same rhythm after the New Year than after the vacation. This is due to the fact that in many companies all employees left for the holidays.


Author: Irina Korchagina [psychologist]

When a person returns to a work environment after rest, it is easier for him to get involved in it. After the New Year holidays, the first day will be spent on the exchange of impressions. It will be difficult to perform work duties even for those people who like to do it. Therefore, on January 9, there is no need to strain. After all, such a sharp transition can negatively affect the psyche.

After the end of the New Year's holiday, the psychologist advises to make a list of things that you managed to accomplish during the holidays. It should be numbered, because it makes it easier for a person to visually assess the amount of work done. The expert explained that such a technique helps to feel the effectiveness and richness of life, which in turn gives strength to go further.

In the evening on the eve of the first working day, the specialist recommended going for a walk in order to interrupt the series of lying rest and get oxygenated for a better night's sleep. In the morning, you should take a contrast shower and devote at least three minutes to charging - this will help to cheer up. The interlocutor recommends to people who get to work by public transport to get off one stop earlier than expected and walk. When moving, the body produces the hormone of joy - endorphin.

For women, I would suggest dressing up on their first day of work. This will cheer you up, give you a reason to boast of gifts and purchases, and also create a feeling of fullness in life and the fact that the holidays were held constructively, '' said Korchagina.

For those wishing to get in shape after a series of feasts, nutritionist and gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova recommends arranging fasting days. The most effective, according to the doctor, are meat, fish and cottage cheese. However, due to the fact that many people consumed a lot of protein during the holidays, it is better to opt for the “vegetable” version with a small amount of nuts. In this case, you need to consume a sufficient amount of liquid - water and herbal teas. Thanks to this method, it is possible to provide functional rest of the gastrointestinal tract.

For those who do not want to arrange fasting days, the nutritionist advises paying special attention to foods containing fiber: cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables, in particular dried ones. They are low in energy and glycemic index, are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, and provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

At the same time, the specialist warned those wishing to lose the kilograms gained during the holidays from starvation.


Author: Nuria Dianova [nutritionist and gastroenterologist]

You should not drive your body from one stress - an abundance of food - to another - its lack. By doing so, we will only continue to close the circle of the eating disorder.

With regard to physical activity, the specialist recommends remembering activities that bring joy and pleasure.

You don't have to go to fitness. You can go to a skating rink or a city tour. To maintain tone, women under 40 and men under 50 need to walk 12 thousand steps a day. If you have excess weight, their number should be increased by one and a half times. Any activity will help create a calorie deficit - the only method to help you lose weight, '' Dianova explained.

As previously wrote, psychiatrist-narcologist Boris Mendelevich warned Russians that depression after the New Year holidays is a common phenomenon. In his opinion, this is largely due to the fact that on the eve of the New Year, people are in high spirits because of the expectation of a miracle. However, in addition to desires, actions are also necessary.

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