Is It Possible To Determine The Calorie Content By Eye

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Is It Possible To Determine The Calorie Content By Eye
Is It Possible To Determine The Calorie Content By Eye

Video: Is It Possible To Determine The Calorie Content By Eye

Video: Is It Possible To Determine The Calorie Content By Eye
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A slim figure is not only about regular training and self-discipline, but also the ability to correctly count calories. Rambler figured out how to simplify your life and learn how to easily calculate the calorie content of dishes.

Who needs it

Observing a certain framework and a calorie deficit, we will inevitably lose weight sooner or later. There are many nuances. Nutritionists are convinced that if you calculate for yourself an approximate daily calorie intake, then you should focus on the quality of food that will benefit your body. Mental calculations of calories often lead to a lack of protein, an overload of carbohydrates, and a lack of fat in the diet. Calculation of the KBZhU dish gives us an approximate understanding of the energy value of food. In this way, we can find out what exactly this product can give us. Calorie counting is necessary for overweight people, as it allows you to replace everyday foods with better ones. At the same time, calorie counting will be useful for people of normal weight in order to regulate the amount of missing macronutrients in the body.

What is calorie content and BJU

A calorie is a unit of energy that our body consumes to maintain its own performance. There are calories that we consume as food. There are also calories that we expend during exercise or any activity. But even in a calm state, our body loses a certain amount of calories, for example, when we sleep.

“BJU for girls: protein content - 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of weight, fat - 1 g per 1 kg of weight, carbohydrates - 4-5 g per 1 kg of weight. For men, data is considered normal, which is 1-2 g more for each position. All data may vary. It all depends on your weight, the goal of calculating calories, your activity. If you want to achieve results, then you cannot do without a diet and a diet plan. Over time, you will learn how to scan each product and determine its energy value,”says Natalya Grigorieva, nutritionist.

Basic counting rules

  1. Kitchen scales and measuring containers should always be in your kitchen. Using the same foods, measuring them in the same dish, you will begin to understand the approximate calorie content of your meals.
  2. Read the labels on the packages. Usually on all products they write the calorie content and BJU per 100 g. Do not forget to pay attention to the amount of product in the package.
  3. Do not forget that with any calculation you will not get the exact calorie content of the product. When counting using tables or various applications, pay attention to how the product is written (fried, dry or boiled).
  4. Pay attention to your mental state. Don't starve or overeat. A stable emotional background will normalize the production of hormones in the body. They promote weight loss and regain weight.

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