Injections VS Hardware Techniques

Injections VS Hardware Techniques
Injections VS Hardware Techniques

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What procedures are more effective for preserving youth


Fillers, botox, biorevitalization - many people habitually choose only "beauty injections" for rejuvenation. We invite you to pay attention to hardware techniques. Combining them with injections, you can delay the appearance of the first signs of skin aging for a long time and correct the existing age-related changes.

Injections and devices have the same goal - to correct certain aesthetic problems, slow down skin aging. The principle of operation of these techniques is different, so it is impossible to replace one with another. The best option is to combine them with each other.

How hardware techniques work

Thanks to the hardware effect, it is possible to stimulate the natural reserves of the skin. Laser, photo or RF exposure improves the functioning of fibroblasts - special skin cells that synthesize collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid molecules. As a result, the skin becomes denser, more elastic and taut. Thanks to hardware techniques, it is possible to achieve a lifting effect, smooth out fine wrinkles and make deeper wrinkles less noticeable, remove age spots and vascular network. The effect of hardware influences will not be noticeable immediately. It takes 28 days for new skin structures to form. Usually 2-3 procedures are required for a pronounced effect.

How injection techniques work

The task of mesotherapy and biorevitalization is to deliver to the skin the substances that are needed for the formation of new skin elements. If the resources of the skin are depleted, it is useless to influence it with the same laser or to do thermolifting. By the way, cases of non-depleted skin are now very rare even among young girls. Diets, violation of the daily routine, refusal to take vitamins and microelements - all this worsens the supply of the skin with building material for new cells. The situation is aggravated by exposure to UV rays - trips to the sea are now considered a sign of success, but not everyone cares about protecting the skin. Photoaging can be noted even in fairly young girls - this is thinning of the skin, and its dryness, and the appearance of a mesh of fine wrinkles.

Another goal of injection techniques is volume correction. With the help of dense fillers of hyaluronic acid, you can change the shape of the lips, change the proportions of the face (add volume to the cheekbones or chin area). Delicate lip correction does not change a person's appearance too much, but when deciding on face contouring, it is important to understand that the face will look different.

How to combine hardware and injection techniques

Quite often, injections and hardware techniques are combined in the case of skin lifting, wrinkle correction. So, for example, in the case of loose skin that has lost its tone, you should not rush to fill the volume or deep wrinkles with filler. First, you need to work on improving the quality of the skin using hardware techniques, and then adjust the result with injections, if necessary.

Injection techniques can greatly improve the effect of hardware. In particular. Before laser procedures, you can do at least one biorevitalization. The target for the laser action is water, therefore the lifting after the hardware procedure will be more pronounced. Also, injections accelerate rehabilitation after traumatic techniques, for example, after laser exposure at maximum parameters.

It is also important to consider the area that you want to adjust. If you want to remove excess skin in the lower third of the face (chin, neck area), then hardware techniques will help. And if there is a need to add volume to the upper third, only devices cannot be dispensed with.Correction of the cheekbone zone with fillers is required.

Author: Natalia Grigorieva, specialist in anti-age medicine, general director of the Premium Aesthetics clinic,

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