7 Procedures That Will Help You Fit Into A New Year's Dress

7 Procedures That Will Help You Fit Into A New Year's Dress
7 Procedures That Will Help You Fit Into A New Year's Dress

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The most magical night of the year is just over two weeks away. And many women have already picked up dresses to meet the upcoming 2018 fully armed. But what if the vending festive outfit is barely buttoned up and treacherously emphasizes the folds on the belly? Even in the days at your disposal, you can improve your figure by reducing it by size, or even two! MedAboutMe introduces you to "Emergency Aid" for Fast Weight Loss - effective salon and home body treatments.


Despite the somewhat intimidating name, you won't need to go under the press to fit into your New Years dress! Pressotherapy is one of the versions of lymphatic drainage massage. Therefore, the procedure removes excess fluid from the body, enhances blood circulation and metabolism, and improves skin tone. It perfectly copes with edema and cellulite, relieves muscle tension, smoothes the epidermis. During the session, the patient is placed in a special inflatable "suit", after filling it with air, a press massage takes place. The waves of air alternate rhythmically and press on the body, this mechanical pressure leads to the desired effect. Pressotherapy allows you to "lose" a few extra centimeters in just one procedure. Contraindications to the method are standard - pregnancy, tuberculosis, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus and some others.


One pressotherapy treatment replaces up to 30 traditional manual massage sessions.

Hot wraps

This method is used by many stars to quickly and effortlessly make a stunning figure. Salma Hayek and Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler and other recognized beauties liked the wraps. By heating to a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the effectiveness of the procedures increases, the substances penetrate deeper into the tissues of the body. The presence of active ingredients provides a noticeable result after just one session. For the hot wrapping procedure, you can lose up to 2 kilograms, and for a two-week course - up to 5 kilograms. Moreover, these sessions, aimed at removing excess fluid, can be performed at home. Wraps with seaweed, clay, coffee have proven themselves well. Wraps are contraindicated for varicose veins, gynecological diseases, pregnancy, individual intolerance to components, violations of the integrity of the skin.


Cryolipolysis is called a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. This is a truly effective method of express weight loss, which is also called cryoliposuction, cold liposuction. During the hardware procedure, exposure to cold is applied to the adipose tissue. Cryolipolysis triggers the process of natural breakdown of fat cells; a variety of zones can be treated with the device. In one visit, you can reduce the fat layer by 20-25%. And the best part is that the sessions have a long-term effect, for up to 3 months. Their number is selected individually, for example, 6-10 procedures are needed for the abdomen. The method has been used for several years in different countries, it does not bring pronounced side effects. However, the method is not recommended for pregnancy, lactation, dermatological diseases, the presence of fresh wounds on the body. Also, cryolipolysis is contraindicated in Raynaud's syndrome, hypersensitivity to cold, cryoglobulinemia.


In 2014, cryolipolysis received the title of "Best Body Procedure" according to the American specialized publication New Beauty.


This body-beneficial treatment improves mood, activates the body's defenses, reduces cellulite and shapes the figure. In just one session, you can lose about 1.5 kilograms. And in 2-3 procedures, the waist and hips will decrease by 3-5 centimeters! Hydromassage shows impressive results when working on problem areas. Therefore, it is the best fit for preparing for the New Year holidays. Massage with water jets is softer than classical manual massage, and the contraindications for the methods are the same. At home, you can replace hydromassage with a contrast shower and manual or canned massage.


Cavitation, or ultrasonic liposuction, involves exposure to low-frequency pulses of fat cells. During the use of the device, a lot of liquid bubbles form in problem areas, and the cavitation process starts. When these bubbles burst, fat tissue breaks down. Moreover, muscle tissue is not affected. You can see the result after 3-4 visits to the clinic. In one procedure, it takes up to 3-4 centimeters at the waist. And what is important, you need to allocate only 20 minutes to an hour for a session. The method excludes damage to the skin; after exposure, you do not have to mask hematomas or wait for recovery. And there are not many contraindications for cavitation - ultrasound intolerance, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, etc.


In medicine, the principle of cavitation is used not only to destroy extra pounds. It is also used to fight tartar, remove kidney stones.


Myostimulation or fitness for the lazy, as these procedures are also called, guarantees the creation of a seductive silhouette in a short time. The method involves the action on the muscles with a pulsed current, which causes their contraction. During the procedure, a kind of gymnastics is performed, as when performing various exercises. The technology activates the process of burning fat deposits, tones the muscles and makes the skin elastic. Painless sessions also reduce cellulite. Myostimulation is contraindicated during pregnancy, in the presence of mental disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases, cancer, kidney disease, and the use of a pacemaker.


Myostimulation was developed as a method of restoring the muscles of astronauts, for the rehabilitation of bedridden patients. The technology is also used in facial care - for skin rejuvenation, as a method of non-surgical lifting.

Bath or sauna

A Russian bath, Turkish hamam or Finnish sauna will help you lose at least 1-2 kilograms in just a couple of hours. The steam room allows you to simulate the figure by removing excess liquid. To do this, you need to go into it in 2-3 receptions. In the sauna, be sure to cleanse the skin with a scrub - for example, from coffee grounds or sea salt mixed with orange essential oil. To enhance the effect, you should not be afraid to use a fragrant broom, massage glove or brush to treat problem areas. It is also advisable to drink as much herbal tea as possible while visiting the bathhouse and after. Also, after the session, it is worth doing a wrap. A mass of honey and grape juice has an excellent drainage effect. It will make the skin velvety, tighten the body. Remember that baths and saunas have contraindications! The procedures will not suit you in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, fever, various diseases in the stage of exacerbation, seizures.


The latest advances in cosmetology can correct even seemingly hopeless situations. However, you should not rely only on “slimming” procedures. To make the effect of beauty sessions brighter, it is worth supplementing the visit to the salon with a correction of the diet. But don't go on a strict diet. Even if they help you lose a few pounds, the excess weight is more likely to return again.

It is much safer for your health to change your eating behavior. For a start, it is worth removing fast carbohydrates, fast food, refined foods, carbonated drinks from the menu. Love lean meat and fish, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, unprocessed cereals, dairy products, drink more clean water. And eat at least four times a day, while breakfast is a must. These simple tricks, together with home and salon body modeling procedures, will help you celebrate the New Year in perfect shape!

Expert commentary Natalia Grigorieva, anti-age medicine specialist, nutritionist

What can be done in such a short time? At the very least, remove excess fluid from the body. And this is minus 2-3 cm at the waist and hips. One of the most effective procedures that works in this direction is pressotherapy. With its help, lymphatic drainage is significantly improved, which allows you to "lose weight" at least a little, even after one session. For the duration of the procedure, a special spacesuit is put on the patient, the body is subjected to a sequential effect of compressed air - the liquid seems to be squeezed out of the places of accumulation. For a pronounced effect, it is necessary to do 6-10 sessions.

Another procedure with which you can achieve a certain result in a short time is vacuum-roller massage using the STARVAC apparatus. During the procedure, the metabolism is accelerated, the drainage of the lymphatic vessels and capillaries improves. And this, in turn, although indirectly, still affects fat burning. Moreover, this procedure also improves the quality of the skin.

Vacuum massage is performed directly on the skin using anti-cellulite oils. After the procedure, the skin turns slightly red, this is a normal reaction to exposure. Such a reaction is evidence that the synthesis of fibroblasts has started in the skin - cells that are responsible for its youth and elasticity. According to the skin reaction, the cosmetologist evaluates the effect of the procedure. If necessary, the intensity of the vacuum is increased or decreased. In addition to changing body contours, vacuum roller body massage also improves skin tone through direct contact of vacuum rollers and the use of various cosmetic creams and oils. A course of 8-10 procedures is recommended.

Expert commentary Guzel Zakirova, physiologist-nutritionist, biochemist, member of the National Society of Nutritionists

Someone begins to prepare for the New Year ahead of time, while someone buys the coveted outfit in 2 weeks and is looking for ways to get rid of those extra pounds. Is it possible to achieve visible results in 2 weeks without harm to health? Can! The main thing is to be aware that, first of all, the volumes will go away due to the left water. This means that the main thing will then be to keep this weight! Otherwise, after the holidays, the weight will return with revenge. But that is another story. Now our task is to remove extra centimeters, and we know how to remove them.

So, I suggest two tactics for your choice:

Fasting days and the complete elimination of fast carbohydrates. Cleansing stage according to A. Kovalkov's method, which can be effectively used for no more than 3 weeks.

Let's talk a little more about each.

1. If it is difficult for you to live in restrictions, and you also have a "pear" or "hourglass" type of fat gain by nature, this method will suit you perfectly. For 2 weeks, you completely exclude from the diet products from any flour, sugar, sweet fruits and starchy vegetables (beans, potatoes, corn). Also, all fatty foods disappear from the diet for a while. The exception is 1 teaspoon of butter in breakfast. Consume 2 tablespoons of any salad scented oil and a handful of pine nuts in the morning. Pine nuts are great for enhancing fat burning.

At the end of the week, you spend unloading days. The most favorite type of unloading is rice. On such days, the most water is consumed. This day is spent as follows: brew rice for the whole day without salt and sugar - about 500 g and brew a handful of dried apricots in 1.5 liters of boiling water, about 30-40 g. Eat this rice evenly and drink a decoction of dried apricots throughout the day. If you wish, you can drink clean water too. A noticeable plumb line on the scales on this diet is from 1 kg per week.

2. This option is more suitable for people with the type of fat gain "apple" or "H-type" (fat is stored on the belly). Here, the diet will differ slightly depending on your ideal weight. So, the diet of such days will be the same for 2 weeks.

In the morning for breakfast you drink a glass of fresh kefir with bran (2 tablespoons). In the period until 18.00, you eat alternately apples and granulated bran as desired. Drink a lot of water. At 18.00 you have a green salad dinner with a portion of low-fat young cheese of the Adyghe type. If you are a lady weighing 50-70 kg, you need about 100 g of cheese in your salad. If more, then about 150 g.

To strengthen both options, it is good to introduce a sports load for at least 40 minutes into daily practice. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and drink the bulk of it before 19.00. Then drink only in small portions if you wish. Even these small recommendations will provide excellent results. The main thing to remember is that the best result is the one that you were able to keep. This means that the main work will be after the holidays!

Expert commentary Ekaterina Vasilyeva, coach

First of all, remember that emergency weight loss can adversely affect your health. But what can you not do in order to shine at the New Year's holiday in a chic dress! Therefore, I bring to your attention an action plan that will help you lose a couple of extra pounds in a short time.

Of course, you will not be able to get rid of a large amount of fat in a couple of weeks, but you can get rid of excess water, which in different cases can be equal to 2 to 5 kilograms of weight.

In our body, part of the energy is contained in the form of glycogen (carbohydrate stores), and they, in turn, retain water. Therefore, in order to remove excess water, you will need to reduce glycogen stores. To do this, we will use training aimed at reducing glycogen. These are usually multi-repetitions. You will need to do 15-25 reps in each exercise with some rest between sets (60-90 seconds), and the exercises should be selected for all muscle groups. That is, in one workout you will work out the whole body.

If you work out in the gym, then isolated exercises are great for this purpose. Make sure that the duration of the entire session does not exceed 1 hour, so as not to create unnecessary stress for the body. Do cardio after strength training. 3 of these strength training sessions per week will be sufficient.

In addition to using up glycogen, you need to severely limit your carbohydrate intake so that glycogen stores are not replenished. A classic low-carb diet is perfect here. It will be enough to leave 50-100 g of carbohydrates per day in your diet. And, of course, make sure not to exceed the daily calorie intake, which should be calculated taking into account the deficit. You can calculate it in any online calorie counter.

Remember one thing: be careful at the New Year's table, otherwise "the carriage runs the risk of turning back into a pumpkin", and all the lost kilograms will quickly return to you along with a couple of extra ones.

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