Deadly Signs Of Stroke And Heart Attack Named

Deadly Signs Of Stroke And Heart Attack Named
Deadly Signs Of Stroke And Heart Attack Named

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“With a heart attack, there is a blockage of the vessels supplying the heart muscle due to thrombosis. A stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation, which leads to the death of brain cells,”said the head of the regional vascular center of the Veresaev city clinical hospital, neurologist Andrei Seropegin.


According to him, a huge proportion of all strokes are due to the development of atherosclerosis, but in the past few years, many experts say that the stroke is dramatically changing its direction.

As Seropegin explained, cases have become more frequent, the cause of which is cardioembolism, that is, a violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat.

These two problems turn out to be the cause of stroke in 90% of cases, and the remaining 10% are due to rare diseases, genetic addiction, sedentary lifestyle and surges in blood pressure, the expert added.

“First of all, with a stroke, a sharp headache may appear, the configuration of the face changes, and asymmetry appears. Weakness or complete paralysis of the limbs also occurs,”said Seropegin.

He added that the loss of the ability to speak, recognize speech and navigate in space is also possible.

As for a heart attack, according to the chief cardiologist of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow, head of the department of cardiological resuscitation of the city clinical hospital named after Veresaev Zaur Shogenov, the first sign of a heart attack is pain behind the sternum and / or in the left half of the chest, radiating to the neck, lower jaw and left hand.

As Shogenov noted, signs of an impending heart attack in a person may appear some time before its development, but patients, as a rule, do not pay attention to this. According to the expert, you need to immediately respond to signs such as severe shortness of breath, clammy cold sweat, interruptions in the work of the heart.

Shogenov also said that the main causes of a heart attack are high cholesterol levels, due to which atherosclerotic plaques appear in the vessels.

To prevent a heart attack or stroke, it is recommended to get rid of bad habits, lead an active lifestyle, monitor nutrition, avoid stressful situations, and seek medical help at the first signals.

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