Five Kinds Of Push-ups For Express Training

Five Kinds Of Push-ups For Express Training
Five Kinds Of Push-ups For Express Training

Video: Five Kinds Of Push-ups For Express Training

Video: Five Kinds Of Push-ups For Express Training
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Push-ups are a basic upper body exercise that many begin their workouts with. "Soviet Sport" has found five types of difficult push-ups that will improve the appearance, build muscle and increase strength.


Train like a viking

Spiderman push-ups

How to do it: on the count of “one” we do push-ups from the lying position, but at the same time we lift our left leg off the floor and try to touch the left elbow with our knee. On the count of "two" we return to the lying position. On the count of "three" we do push-ups, but already with the separation of the right leg. We repeat to failure or a burning sensation in the muscles of the chest, shoulders and abs.

What it gives: the difference between this exercise and regular push-ups is an additional load on the muscles of the core (trunk). The core already works well in push-ups when it keeps the body straight. But here he makes the oblique abdominal muscles literally explode. Such push-ups are used in his program by the actor Clive Standen, who plays one of the main roles in the TV series "Vikings". The effect is obvious: on the set, Standen looks much more powerful than the rest of the "Vikings".

Explosive push-ups with cotton

How to do it: do a regular push-up. But when lifting, we push the body upward with an explosive force and clap with our palms. We land at close range lying.

What it gives: due to lifting with jumping out, this type of push-up gives a more intense load to the muscles of the chest and shoulders. You can make this exercise even more difficult if you change the setting of your hands to wide, medium and narrow each time you land after a clap. This will allow you to concentrate on all parts of the pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders.

Side push-ups

How to do it: from the lying position we do push-ups, feeding the body to the left - in the lower position, we try to touch the left shoulder with the left hand. We return to the starting position. We repeat the exercise with the body feed to the right.

What it gives: a concentrated alternating load on the right-left muscle bundles. This cannot be achieved with conventional push-ups, where the load is evenly distributed over the entire chest and shoulder girdle. If it is difficult to do side push-ups at first, reduce the range of motion - lower yourself not so deep.

Push-ups "crocodile"

How to do it: with each push-up, take a small step forward alternately with your left and right hand and pull your leg to them. The intensity of the exercise can be increased by increasing the stride width.

What it gives: makes the muscles of the arms and core work hard. This exercise helps you to acquire raised triceps and a toned waist with carved oblique abdominal muscles.

Push-ups "horizon"

Turnstile 1. All about Hannibal For King - the god of the horizontal bar and parallel bars

How to do it: while lying down, put your hands not in front of you, but below - spread and rest your palms on the floor at waist level. This will significantly complicate the exercise and increase the stress on the shoulders and lower chest. This type of push-up is recommended by the street workout guru Hannibal For King as a progression and increase in the load for beginners.

What it will give: strong relief shoulders. It makes even the back beams of deltas work, which are hard to "break through" by other exercises. You can do push-ups "horizon" in conjunction with army push-ups. In order to do army push-ups, you need to stand in a corner lying position - the legs are closer to the arms, the buttocks are up, the upper body and lower body are at an angle to each other. Push up to the floor, touching his head. Do push-ups in series: 15 repetitions of the "horizon" -15 "army" as long as there is enough strength (10-15 circles).

Attention! Before starting training, consult your doctor!

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