Train Like A Viking

Train Like A Viking
Train Like A Viking

Video: Train Like A Viking

Video: Train Like A Viking
Video: We Ate & Trained Like REAL VIKINGS for a Week 2023, March

Actor Clive Standen, 36, is arguably the most muscular and well-built person on the Vikings series. The fifth season of the series will end this year. Standen plays the role of the Viking Rollo in it - the prototype for which was Robert I, the first Duke of Normandy. "Soviet Sport" is about how Standen trains for the series, where the rest of the Vikings next to him seem to be recruits.


Martial arts and fitness

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“I've always been athletic. For about ten years, until I turned 18, I go to Muay Thai training every day,”Standen told Mens Fitness.

How to start running if you smoke

Earlier, the actor admitted in an interview that at the age of 16 he even left for Thailand. There he wanted to raise his technical level to become a professional fighter.

Fate turned out differently. Standen, who was born at a British military base in Northern Ireland, became interested in acting. And in the end, I preferred the stage to the ring.

Self-weight only

For the Vikings TV series, Standen, together with his fitness instructor Jade Lindsay, compiled a special circular training program. It works all the muscles in the body and takes about 40-45 minutes in time. The exercises are divided into super series - 3-4 movements in each. Standen performs 3 sets of each series (during a series of exercises he does without rest), then rests for 1-2 minutes and begins the next set. The actor makes each movement in the amount of 8-12 repetitions. For this workout, he needs a minimum of equipment.

The first circle. Steps and push-ups

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Exercise 1. Raising the knees

Steadman performs this exercise while standing in front of a box or chair. With one foot, he steps onto a chair, and the other abruptly lifts into the air, bending at the knee. Then he repeats the same thing, changing legs (10-12 repetitions for each)

Exercise 2. Squats on one leg with high support

Steadman does one-legged squats while standing on a chair or bench. This simplifies the exercise somewhat compared to the classic one-legged squat. Here, the free leg can be lowered to the ground, rather than keeping it parallel to the floor.

Exercise 3. Spiderman push-ups

The actor takes a push-up pose. His feet are on the bench, his hands are on the floor. At the expense of times, Steadman bends his left leg, trying to touch the elbow with his knee - and does push-ups. On a count of two, he straightens his arms and returns to the starting position. On the count of three, he repeats the push-up, but bends his right leg. Exercise puts additional stress on your core muscles.

Second circle. Pull-ups and abs

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Exercise 1: Hanging Body Rotations

Holding on to the horizontal bar with a regular grip, you raise your straight legs first to your left hand, then to your right and then to your head. This is one rep, and you have to do 10-12 in total. You can complicate the exercise by bending your elbows, keeping your body parallel to the ground and turning your straight legs (looking up) to the left and right.

Exercise 2. Monkey

Holding on to the crossbar with your hands, move to the right and left along it. Do one pull-up at a time as you reach the end of the bar. Palms with each next "step" should be placed close to each other.

Exercise 3. Diagonal jumping

The actor stands on the left foot and jumps diagonally forward to the right - landing on the right foot. The next jump is forward and left, landing on the left foot.

Circle three. Cardio

Here you need to do each movement for 30 seconds and rest between sets (there are three in total) for 20 seconds.

Exercise 1. Burpee with a jump

The actor does the burpee exercise, but in the final position he does not jump up, but as far forward as possible.

Exercise 2. Jumping lunges

You need to get into a lunge position. The body is straight, hands on the belt. On inhalation - jump out and change legs: the one that was in front, take it back, and throw the "back" forward and bend at the knee

Exercise 3. Side jumping

Standman performs a series of intense short jumps left and right. Starting position: legs together, knees slightly bent. You need to land on your toes. You can complicate this exercise by jumping with a 180 degree turn and a quick series of two straight punches.

What this training will give

The main goal of this intense workout is to burn fat and give the muscles a profile. A large number of jumps and squats will "draw" the muscles of the thighs and lower leg. Exercises on the horizontal bar will work your abs and upper body. You can also add regular pull-ups or corner pull-ups to one of the circles to give more stress to the back and shoulder girdle.

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Attention! Before starting training, consult your doctor!

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