Fast, Reliable, Efficient. Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Disease

Fast, Reliable, Efficient. Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Disease
Fast, Reliable, Efficient. Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Disease

Video: Fast, Reliable, Efficient. Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Disease

Video: Fast, Reliable, Efficient. Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Disease
Video: COVID-19: Vaccines are safe for reproductive health | COVID-19 Special 2023, December

The second stage of coronavirus vaccination is underway in the capital. More than four dozen categories of metropolitan residents can get vaccinated today, including one of the most vulnerable groups to the virus - people over 60 years old.


Any representative of this age category can contact the district clinic and choose a convenient time.

In the branch of the capital's polyclinic 2 on Yalta street - lively. The second floor is being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Employees escort Muscovites to the door of the vaccination room and patiently explain the same thing dozens of times: “yes, the vaccine is domestic”, “yes, two-phase”, “yes, they defrost it” …

The fears of people can be understood: after all, the drug is new, there are not so many vaccinated acquaintances, there is not much to discuss the sensations with. But everyone has enough friends and family who have had coronavirus. And, choosing between the virus and the vaccine, people sign up for vaccination.

“My colleague, who is still generally a young woman, fell ill in November,” says Anna Kotova, an employee of the Museum of Military History. - But she suffered the disease very hard: she was in the hospital for several weeks, and now she is recovering at home for the second month.

None of the museum employees wanted to repeat the fate of their colleague, and as soon as the slots for vaccination opened, the museum workers signed up for the vaccination. Anna is making her second injection.

After the first one, she shivered a little in the evening, but by morning all the unpleasant sensations were gone. Interestingly, it turned out to be more difficult for Anna to transfer the flu shot: after it, even the temperature rose.

- They say that after the repeated administration of the coronavirus vaccine, there should be no painful manifestations, since some of the antibodies have already formed, she smiles. - I hope so!

Aivar Khamidullin, a doctor at GKP 2, had no side effects even after the first injection. According to statistics, they are generally possible in less than ten percent of those vaccinated. But, despite this, not everyone is allowed to be vaccinated.

“I examine patients, measure blood pressure and take anamnesis before being sent for vaccination,” says Aivar Khalitovich. - In people with endocrine disorders, I look at the latest blood sugar levels. If they are high, refer the patient to an endocrinologist. Yes, medical outlets have to be written out. People are upset, but understand that this is a temporary measure. They are going to complete their treatment in order to return.

Elderly patients are more difficult. Pensioners have more "sickles" than young people.

- As an orthopedist, I immediately pay attention to how the patient enters, - says the doctor. - If I cringe, I begin to suspect rheumatoid arthritis, which is one of the contraindications for vaccination. And for diseases of the joints, vaccination is not recommended.

Doctors consider pensioners to be one of the most disciplined categories of the population: they are not late for appointments and fulfill all the prescriptions. And if the doctor said “we need to heal,” they will get some treatment and come again, and they will bring a support group with them: neighbors and girlfriends, with whom, during the preparation for vaccination, they will have time to discuss the prospects of a free life with antibodies.


Anastasia Rakova, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Social Development:

- During the autumn period, our medical specialists gained unique experience in organizing vaccination. Everything has been worked out to the details, both logistics and timing, the space is organized as efficiently as possible so that it is convenient for a person to wait for vaccination, and then, after the procedure, be monitored for another half hour. Those who come for vaccination must be examined by a doctor, and the protocol of the medical examination and the results of vaccination are reflected in an electronic medical record, available to each doctor and patient.