10 Books On Weight Loss: How To Get In Shape After Winter

10 Books On Weight Loss: How To Get In Shape After Winter
10 Books On Weight Loss: How To Get In Shape After Winter

Video: 10 Books On Weight Loss: How To Get In Shape After Winter

Video: 10 Books On Weight Loss: How To Get In Shape After Winter
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In fact, it is important to choose the right technique that best suits your body. Whether it's yoga, drying, tough workouts, running, or eating right. What is "household" fitness for the lazy and "creative diet", how to manage your body and what products to eat for weight loss, read in the joint selection of RIAMO and the chain of bookstores "Chitai-Gorod".


Olga Marquez "What should I eat to lose weight"

"What to eat to lose weight?" - this question has been asked at least once by everyone who would like to shed excess and get in shape. Olga Marquez, founder of the #SEKTA Perfect Body School, knows how to answer this question. In her book, Olga will tell you how to tune your body to a new, correct diet, how to make it a part of your life in order to stop keeping yourself under constant exhausting control.

Ekaterina Ilinykh "Lazy Fitness"

Ekaterina Ilinykh is an actress, model, TV presenter and a very successful blogger. In her book "Lazy Fitness" Katya tells how to tone oneself without pills and exhausting workouts. Katya Ilinykh's program is ideal for those who want to look 5 points, but who do not have free time for the gym. Within a week you will notice the first results, and after a month you will not recognize yourself in the mirror. You will learn to swing your buttocks while brushing your teeth, tone all muscles in 5 minutes, swing your legs and arms while eating, the author promises. In the book, you will find an effective exercise program and nutritional system.

Robert Butera, Erin Byron, Staffan Elgelid Yoga. Antistress"

Sports yoga is available to everyone, but the comprehension of its essence - spiritual development and balance - is available to few. This book will be your teacher and mentor on the path to achieving the harmony and tranquility that you have long dreamed of. Daily stress, self-destruction and anxiety will start to bypass you as you bring true practice into your life.

Thomas Swarney, Patricia Barnes-Swarney Healthy Eating

This comprehensive guide to healthy eating has over 500 answers to questions that cover all areas of nutrition. What you need to know about the composition of the products? How to prepare food so that food does not lose its nutrients? What are the dangers of food additives? Are GMOs as scary as they say? What foods and how do they affect our mood? Why do some people eat whatever they want and don't get fat? The book's authors Patricia Barnes-Swarney and Thomas Swarney, drawing on the latest scientific research and data, talk about the basics of nutrition, explain how to balance your diet, as well as disassemble the most popular diets and dispel myths.

Julia Cameron "Creative Diet"

Julia Cameron is not a nutritionist or fitness guru, but an expert in unleashing creativity, author of the best-selling The Artist's Way. For 30 years of teaching, she was convinced by the experience of thousands of students: people are full of internal restrictions and prohibitions, and at the same time - opportunities and talents. It is creativity that can help remove internal blocks and deal with the emotions that lead to overeating. In The Creative Diet, the author explores the relationship between creativity and food and concludes that creativity can lead to richer, more fulfilling lives. Seven simple tools will help you not only lose weight, but also develop creativity, understand yourself deeper, your feelings and let creativity into your life.

Michael Matthews "Thinner, Drier, Stronger"

Losing weight and creating a perfect body is not as difficult as they say in fitness clubs. You don't need to starve yourself or give up foods you like to lose weight quickly. You don't need to spend thousands of rubles a month on useless supplements. You don't have to be in the gym all the time to lose weight. You don't even have to do special exercises for weight loss. And you don't need many hours of boring cardio to get rid of your belly for good. And this debunking just a few of the harmful myths that prevent you from losing weight. “Thinner. Dry. Stronger "- a simple book on how to lose weight and tighten the body quickly, how to develop self-discipline and willpower, which is before and after training, to build muscle quickly. Just 12 weeks - and your body will never be the same!

Sergey Malozemov “Food is alive and dead. Healing products and killer products"

A new book by Sergei Malozemov, the author and host of the "Food is Living and Dead" program on the NTV channel, about those products that traditionally form the basis of our diet. What deserves a plus sign and what deserves a minus sign? Which bread is better - white or whole grain? Does it make sense to switch to low-fat dairy products? Are pesticides and nitrates in vegetables and fruits scary, what do the latest scientific studies and examinations carried out during the filming of the program say? And are there any foods that really deserve the "super" prefix? All these questions can be found in the book “Food is alive and dead. Healing products and killer products."

Stacy Sims "Ruthless Training Course for the Purposeful"

The Ruthless Training Course for the Aspirant is a comprehensive physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for active women. This book teaches you everything you need to know to adapt nutrition, hydration, and your unique physiology so you can work for your body, not against it. Physiologist Stacy Sims, PhD, shows you how to become your own bio-curator for optimal athletic performance.

Mat Fitzgerald "Running by the Rule"

Most amateur runners don't train properly. The author explains how elite runners train and why you need to start running slower to compete faster, offers practical guidelines to help you stick to the 80/20 rule and create your training schedule. The book offers several training plans (5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon, cross-training) for athletes of different levels, as well as for those who want to reduce weight through running training.

Mirzakarim Norbekov “Strength of body and spirit. We train the will and temper the character"

“You can become a winner in everything only by defeating yourself,” says Mirzakarim Norbekov, the author of books on self-healing of a person with multi-million copies. We expect miracles and fulfillment of desires from life, although often we do not even know our capabilities and cannot get off the couch to take a step forward. This book will give you access to the implementation of your plans, but with one consumer desire like "I want to eat!" this door cannot be opened. To do this, you need three keys - willpower, soul power and mind power. You just need to merge everything together and then the intestines will work like a clock, you will sleep like a marmot, your eyesight will be like that of an eagle, women will become irresistibly sexy even after 50, men will forever forget about male problems. This book is able to reveal your own deep knowledge that will help get rid of diseases, find an inner core and transform desires into reality.

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