How Safe Are Star Beauties Diets?

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How Safe Are Star Beauties Diets?
How Safe Are Star Beauties Diets?

Video: How Safe Are Star Beauties Diets?

Video: How Safe Are Star Beauties Diets?
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Expertise of fashionable diets of Russian TV stars from Irina Potyanova, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences.


To be in shape for summer vacation, it's time to get in shape right now. Celebrities have a lot of experience in this business. But are their branded diets really useful and, most importantly, safe? Let's figure it out together with an expert.

Ekaterina ANDREEVA: observes the principles of chronology

The TV presenter takes a responsible approach to nutrition and physical activity. “Anywhere in the world where I wake up, in the morning I first awaken the chi energy in my body. Stretching, asanas, treadmill, boxing - what kind of physical activity will be does not matter. The main thing is to awaken.

Then it will be easier to wake up, and work to work, and you will react calmly to people - they are different, not always pleasant,”says Ekaterina. In addition to physical activity, Andreeva controls nutrition.


The TV presenter recommends reading the book "Brain and Food" by David Perlmutter.

Complies with the principles of chronology:

Breakfast from 6.00 to 8.00. Any carbohydrates are prohibited. Allowed proteins, fats, gluten-free porridge and sugar-free cheesecakes, but infrequently.

Lunch from 12.00 to 14.00. Vegetable soup. You can have protein - meat, poultry or fish. For garnish stewed vegetables. Vegans replace meat with beans or tofu.

Afternoon snack from 16.00 to 17.00. Sweets are allowed - fruits, yogurt, dark chocolate. It is believed that at this time it is not harmful to the body.

Dinner from 19.00 to 20.00. Protein with stewed, fried vegetables. The star refuses dinner more often.

Expert opinion: doctor Irina POTYANOVA

- Nutrition should be balanced. The body needs healthy fats to get energy in the morning, and amino acids, which it must take from proteins, to obtain building materials for all hormones, enzymes, organs and tissues.

An example of a healthy breakfast is an omelet with vegetables, a couple of pieces of red fish and olives or avocado. For lunch and dinner, eating meat and fish with vegetables is a great option. For lunch, you can add a little cereal or bread. The correct way of cooking is stewing, baking, sauteed (in a vacuum).

The last meal is optimal three hours before bedtime, but no later than 20.00. At night, the gastrointestinal tract rests, and in order to avoid fermentation of food and its transformation into fats, it is necessary to unload it as much as possible in the evening.

Yulia Vysotskaya: food according to the lunar cycle

The TV presenter has found the perfect way to get rid of the "extra 3 kg" that stick to her after delicious everyday life. Julia Vysotskaya has no dietary restrictions: “To eat a lot and not get fat is an urgent problem for those who love and know how to cook.

The lunar cycle affects all life on the planet, so twice a month I have an ecodash time - the 11th day of the rising and growing moon. I am not a Buddhist, but a normal person who dreams of eating a lot and not getting fat.

What convinces me of this theory? When the moon rises or wanes, all living things react to it. For example, sometimes it is impossible to fall asleep on a full moon. Two days a month, when you do not load the digestive, lymphatic system with food, have a fruitful effect on the whole body. I wake up the next day vigorous and really "blown away".

According to Vedic teachings, on the days named Vysotskaya according to the lunar calendar, the body can best cleanse and restore itself.


On the 11th day of the rising and rising moon, there is nothing.

Water, juices, milk are allowed.

Expert opinion: doctor Irina POTYANOVA

- Courses of cleansing, fasting are permissible if carried out under medical supervision.

Anna ARDOVA: uses fractional nutrition

The actress was prescribed a diet at the Center for Therapeutic Fasting in Altai. “Imagine, you can't have a bow! Coffee and alcohol! - shared her impressions Ardova. The star does not limit herself in nutrition throughout the year, and when necessary, she goes on a diet.


Snacks every 3 hours.

Sweets and high-calorie foods are prohibited.

Consume carbohydrates up to 14 hours, later - proteins.

Limiting fried foods.

Instead of juices and soda - pure water.

Expert opinion: doctor Irina POTYANOVA

- In dietetics, frequent fractional meals for those wishing to lose weight is an outdated myth. In the absence of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the stage of exacerbation and gallstone disease, the number of meals should be three, maximum four times a day. The intervals between meals should be at least four hours - after such a period of time, fat burning processes start.

The more often we eat, the more we provoke the pancreas to release insulin. Over time, this leads to the development of insulin resistance. As a result, excess glucose in the blood does not go to the muscles and liver, where it must be stored as glycogen for strategic needs, but is converted into fat. Over time, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin become depleted, which can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.