Scientists Talk About Ideal Sleep Patterns

Scientists Talk About Ideal Sleep Patterns
Scientists Talk About Ideal Sleep Patterns

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Experts believe that each person has their own ideal sleep pattern. Australian portal ABC Life has refuted the myths that you need to sleep at least eight hours a day and go to bed at a certain time. This is reported by the weekly magazine "Profile".

Researchers believe that a person builds their sleep patterns guided by their obligations: getting up early to school or to work. But if people were given the opportunity to sleep the way they want, then the sleep pattern would be different for everyone. Scientists argue that you cannot force yourself to fall asleep before fatigue sets in, such a dream will be less productive. When choosing the time for sleep and wakefulness, it is worth focusing on light and darkness.

Doctors say that the human body is tuned to active activity in the light and rest in the dark. Experts also advise to proceed from your own needs when choosing the duration of sleep. But children and adolescents are encouraged to spend more hours sleeping than adults. But doctors refute the assertion that long sleep is not important for older people. It is also necessary in adulthood, it is just that the elderly often cannot sleep on their own due to various health problems.

Scientists also believe that almost all people wake up several times a night, they simply do not realize and do not remember it. Also, researchers do not recommend dividing all people into "owls" and "larks", because most are of the intermediate type. Such people are able to go to bed early and wake up late without harm to their health, and vice versa.

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