What Your Feet Say About Your Thoughts

What Your Feet Say About Your Thoughts
What Your Feet Say About Your Thoughts

Video: What Your Feet Say About Your Thoughts

Video: What Your Feet Say About Your Thoughts
Video: Meaning of THINK ON YOUR FEET - A Really Short English Lesson with Subtitles 2023, March

You probably know that the human body is only partially in a conscious state. You cannot, for example, control your heartbeat or pulse. You can only partially control your breathing. And if we talk about more subtle internal processes, then you will be surprised how much your body does not trust your consciousness. But that's not the strangest thing yet. It is striking that the body often gives out, without our knowledge, our thoughts. This happens not only through facial expressions or hand movements, but even through the legs. And in general, legs can say a lot. True, they can do this only in six ways. Let's take a look at each of them.


She tugged her skirt another inch. It's just insane. Such good legs arise from the mass of the fabric. Much better than miniskirts. - Charles Bukowski, Women -

Legs look in different directions

When you stand firmly on the ground, and your feet are turned "outward", in other words - in different directions, this indicates that you are not going to go anywhere, that you are confident in yourself. This is the position of domination, which highlights the image of the pelvis, emphasizes masculinity, openness, some recklessness. The leader should always face his team in this way - this will increase the level of solidarity in the group, people in it will more readily follow orders. So, if you want to boost confidence or want to show others that you are confident in yourself, then use this position. If you see that someone else is using this pose, then know that your feeling of servility (which can arise as if “spontaneously”) is possibly connected with the fact that the person is simply defiantly standing in front of you.

Legs crossed and locked

This is a position that you (or another person) can only take while sitting. On the one hand, she talks about the politeness and femininity of a person, on the other, about the fact that he is damn very nervous. A crossed ankle is a tightness that is often accompanied by increased sweating and lip biting, especially when a nervous guy is being interviewed. This posture suggests that a person is experiencing negative experiences. He cannot decide what he wants to do. If he hides his legs under a chair, then he, one might say, screams that he wants to hide. The vast majority of people assume this position during a dental check-up. If the dentist administers an injection, then, according to American statistics, 98% of patients take this position. This clearly proves that crossed ankles show naughty nerves. Therefore, as soon as you notice this in yourself, immediately return to the natural state - this will help regain courage.

Leg to leg

This pose gorgeously illustrates a person's readiness for long and tedious arguments. By the way, this is one of the poses that we very often take, but very rarely notice. The subconscious mind, meanwhile, understands this position, and therefore the conversation that comes from such a "start" often turns into swearing. On the other hand, the foot-to-foot pose can show your opponent that you will not give up your positions, which means that he himself will have to surrender them. The position is enhanced by the addition of a hand clamp to the foot-to-foot. But it is better not to do this, because such a “square” pose shows you as a stubborn and tough person who is not ready to accept any opposite opinions, that is, it shows you as a fool.

Constant crossing of legs

If a woman does this, then she shows you that she should not be used, she should be respected. In addition, by crossing her legs, she unequivocally hints to you that today you won't be between her legs - denied access, buddy. But if a man crosses his legs, then he wants to show that he is not going to retreat or go somewhere. He demonstrates insecurity, but, despite the fear, his legs say they want to stay where they are. Such is the ambiguous pose.

Feet together

This is a very neutral position as it illustrates indifference as to whether you plan to stay or leave. If you talk to your boss and take such a position, then you show attention and respect. If you want to hide your emotions, then take this position too. In general, you cannot offend anyone with this pose, and it does not carry any negativity in itself. Absolute neutrality. The right choice if you don't want to stand out.

Legs are directed to the side

The direction of the legs is not a joke, but an excellent marker by which you can correctly interpret a person's mood. If the girl's feet are facing you, then she probably finds you attractive. If her feet are located towards the exit, then she wants to get away from you and you strain her. That is, the orientation of the feet can characterize both sympathy and antipathy. Therefore, look at your feet when you do not understand how this or that person treats you.

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