Easy Gait. The Path To Health

Easy Gait. The Path To Health
Easy Gait. The Path To Health

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Keeping joints healthy is not easy. After all, we, modern city dwellers, move little, eat improperly, and gain excess weight.


Almost all Muscovites over 50 have joint problems. Why do they arise?

“One of the main reasons is being overweight,” says Vladimir Merkulov, Doctor of Medical Sciences. - After all, the greater the body weight, the higher the load on the spine and legs. Here the joints can not stand it.

The doctor considers hypodynamia as the main reason for gaining excess weight - lack of movement and poor nutrition. We often eat fast food, and we travel not on foot, but by car. In addition, due to a lack of movement, the joints work little and eventually cease to function normally.

“Every adult must take at least 10 thousand steps a day to maintain health,” says Rinat Khisyamov, a fitness trainer, a member of the International Association of Sports Sciences.

The second recipe is proper nutrition. Eat as little fatty, sweet and starchy foods as possible. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, lean meat and dairy products. The latter, by the way, are especially important: they contain a lot of calcium, which strengthens the bone apparatus.

What if the joints are already sore? The first and most important thing is not to delay the visit to the doctor. Otherwise, the situation can only get worse, especially if you do not change your lifestyle. The second is to use all possible conservative methods of treatment. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them.

- There are, for example, ointments and tablets containing chondroitin sulfate. It slows down the destruction of bone tissue and reduces the loss of calcium, accelerates the processes of bone tissue repair, inhibits the process of cartilage degeneration,”says neurologist Irina Kuzedeeva. - This substance prevents the compression of connective tissue and plays the role of a kind of lubrication of the articular surfaces.

Another effective and modern treatment is magnetotherapy.

- It normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, helps to reduce swelling, improves the condition of blood vessels and nerve fibers, - says the doctor. - To achieve the effect, a course of 10-15 sessions is performed. The procedure is painless, only a slight vibration is felt at the place of application of the magnetic belts.

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